Commission Findings



Fr. Al Pehrsson


Statement Concerning

The Alleged Apparitions

To Gianna Talone-Sullivan In Emmitsburg

September 8, 2000

UNSIGNED Statement

Gianna Talone-Sullivan’s Response

September 9, 2000

Chronology of Events

Relating to the Apparitions of

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

to Gianna Talone-Sullivan

2000 – 2004

Fr. O’Connor

Letter to Cardinal Keeler

October 7, 2002

Baltimore Archdiocese Decree

June 7, 2003

Gianna Talone-Sullivan’s

Response to Pastoral Advisory

October 13, 2008

Foundation Action

October 15, 2008

Foundation Action II

July 4, 2008

Summary of

Church Approved Apparitions

The Fruits of

Our Lady of Emmitsburg

Letter to the Editor

Emmitsburg Dispatch

By Fr. Kieran Kavanaugh

August 18, 2005