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This Website is dedicated to Our Lady of Emmitsburg, and the messages received through the mystical experiences of Gianna Talone-Sullivan since 1991. However, this site focuses on mostly Private Messages and some public messages from 2011. For content prior to 2011, please visit:

The purpose of this website is to allow people who desire to contact Gianna Talone-Sullivan for presentations, healing prayers, private talks, tours, private spiritual phone call sessions to be able to connect with her directly.

Most Recent Messages

By Gianna Talone-Sullivan

Private Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg To Gianna Talone-Sullivan March 12, 2012

Praised be Jesus!  Little one, seek a private and personal intimacy with my Son.  He desires your love and for an intimate, quiet relationship with you. In fact, my Son desires an intimate relationship with everyone.  Do not delay.  RUN to Him. Rejoice that my Son is your Savior, and He will provide for you.  He will protect you.  Believe it.  Trust in Him. Stay close to Him in the Sacraments. Pray, love, and surrender in peace unto my Son.  

Private Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg to Gianna Talone-Sullivan October 13, 2021

Praised be Jesus! Never fear what has been told to you and outlined. You have been chosen. There are many seers, and prophets and locutionists that have come and gone. Many have written and publicized things to come and events to unfold. Do not let your soul be disturbed. Always rest in Jesus. There you will always be safe, regardless of what you know. You are protected and Jesus has always given you someone to watch over you, even until today, through all your own personal sufferings and relationships that have abandoned you.

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Please know that I am working very hard with volunteers to edit and upload the NEW messages that folks have never seen before. I am taking time away from my day job to discern, pray for all my requests hoping to help them in their spiritual life. Please, without your support, even in small amounts, I will not be able to continue the site indefinitely.

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In this day of uncertainty of unprecedented times, confusion, anger, anxiety and fear…Gianna is here to help lead you on the path of discernment of Truth, joy, love and peace.

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Gianna has spoken collaboratively at several national and international conferences to speak about the messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary given to the world through her. The main messages are – Return To God, the Child Jesus and the issues of life. Emmitsburg is a refuge for all.

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My dear friends, if only you knew how beautiful Our Blessed Mother is and the depth and breadth of her love for us! She desires all of us to be happy and safe. She is inviting all to return to God. This website is designed to be an instrument of her love and to be present to all those who seek a deeper intimacy with Jesus.

This has been a time of confusion, anger, fear and for many people filled with anxiety. So, it is my hope you will allow me to pray with you, talk to you about what the Divine is communicating and to help you discern situations and happenings in your life.

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