“The climb is not so easy, and many must enter through the desert in order to continue further. but I promise you that you will have Me to help you.(From Gianna below)

Confidence in humility. It seems paradoxical on its face, but it isn’t about bringing our own wisdom to the table. It’s about opening ourselves up to others that God might work through us and in us that others might experience His love through us. As Jesus reduced Himself that we might live, we have His example to follow, that we might also reduce ourselves, which most of the time amounts to truly listening, and making things about others as opposed to making it about ourselves. God is always with us. It isn’t something we have to force, but to merely allow in ourselves. He will be there as much as we will allow. We just have to be open to Him. In perfect love. Totus Tuus.❤️🙏

As told to Gianna Talone Sullivan, August 8, 1992, I am your Jesus of Mercy Vol IV
My dear ones, when a person who is beloved of Mine does
not pay heed to acknowledging your own creative
beauty and self giving ways, do not despair. Move forward
triumphantly. Remember, all are created good in My image,
but all are also stained through the stain of sin in free choice
to follow the way of the world.
At times, even My most beloved fall prey to pride, self-
centeredness and the desire to control and be ruler. When you
are graced to witness this, and fall prey to suffering because
of human ways, do not despair. Have hope, and call on Me,
your Shepherd. Take firmly the hands of this suffering and sor-
row, but do not choose to grasp the hands of pride or hatred
to deceive you away. Once you take hold of their hands, it is
difficult to unleash from their grasp. At times, the force can
be irresistible and pressing; But call out and, in a moment I
shall free you. Do not despair, or become discouraged.
My love for you remains with you, and I shall never
leave you, even when you think you are most alone. Be My
knight in armor; and, with confidence in My love of yourself.
continue NOT to be pulled into the funnel of the manipula-
tions of control, but be free. Like a stream of water, with its
sounds of laughter, remain joyful in the triumphant journey
you are taking. These are simply the seeds of evil and deceit,
lurking to try at every chance to prevent the continuation of
your journey to Truth and a life of beauty.
I am trying to strengthen you and prepare you for battle
amongst the explosions of artillery! Be my knight, but also
you need to know how to master yourself in these times of
difficulties, so that nothing will drive you away from Me.
It is free will. At any time on your journey, you are always
free to leave and descend the mountain. I do not hold you in
confinement or slavery!
Your desire to walk My path to freedom is your choice.
The climb is not so easy, and many must enter through the
desert in order to continue further. but I promise you that you
will have Me to help you. I give you My finest trained guides
to help you also, but you must be careful never to attempt the
climb alone without Me. For when bitterness engages, it is
most sorrowful and cannot be conquered without love.
I have promised to protect you as long as you continue
to desire and long for Me. I shall never shame you, but you
must trust in Me. For I know only the safe, everlasting way!
Peace and love, My little one. Ad Deum.”