Saturday Truth in Deep Love🤗❤️🙏

“Peace can only exist when the desire for self-gain is set aside and openness to live in harmony supercedes the desire to gain power.”(From Gianna below)

We humans like to dig our heals into our own preconceptions and stay there. It’s part of what they call “confirmation bias,” although I think we tend to be more involved in what I call “bias confirmation.” The syntax seems odd on the former but more commonly used. Many times those preconceptions arise out of “group think.” Whether it comes from huge hate mongering groups like our two political parties, more marginal hate groups like supremacists of any particular race or nationality, or even churches that preach division, it’s easy to turn on any media device and have hate preached right in our faces. We like hate. Our egos are our comfort zones, and hate is the fuel that we use to keep ourselves there.
The Good News is that there is a sure and solid way to remove ourselves from the hate. The Kingdom of God is here and now, and opportunities are in front of us every time we leave our homes or go out on social media to erase the hate, and bring love into the equation in a way that many have never experienced. To follow Jesus through His life, death, and resurrection and understand the redemptive light that comes from love, humility, and self sacrifice. To feel the true power of God as He works through us and in us to bring light so lovely into the world that everyone will become curious and want to be a part of it. All we have to do to accomplish that is to love. To immerse ourselves in who Jesus is that we might follow and lead everyone we encounter into His light. To remove ourselves from the cold dark and indifferent “universe,” and place ourselves in God’s loving hands, as we immerse ourselves and lead others into His perfect Glory. There is only one opportunity in this realm, and it’s to work through Him, with Him, and in Him, as we bring His Kingdom and His Glory to fruition. This is no joke, and the time is now. To bring love to the table, and erase the hate. Our lives are very short, and opportunity is here and now, regardless of our physical condition to repent. To say Yes to the one and only true God and creator of all of our consciousness. The One who knows and loves us. The one who knows the number of hairs on our heads and grains of sand in the cold, dark, and vast universe. It’s all His anyway. There is nothing to be gained, and only to be lost in the rejection of His perfect love. Join me! It’s beautiful here! All in and totally His. ❤️🙏

Our Lady’s Message of March 7, 1996
through Gianna Talone Sullivan
“My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
Little ones, pray with all your hearts and all your strength for peace in the world. If the people would heed My Son’s call He would subdue their foes. There is a great deal of division in the world from vices of bitterness, hatred and the desire for power.
Nation is turning against nation and the people are following their own designs instead of following God. They have become stubborn and have closed their hearts to receive love. They have placed contingencies on living peacefully with their fellow countrymen.
Peace can only exist when the desire for self-gain is set aside and openness to live in harmony supercedes the desire to gain power.
If mankind continues to reject God’s love and block His assistance by closing their hearts, then God will allow the people to live in their own designs. God is patient and will wait for His people to return to Him. It is the people who have chosen not to allow God to free them from their own slavery. My little ones, it is necessary to put aside your pride and forgive those who have caused you pain.
Do not seek revenge or justice, for evil begets evil. Ask God to change YOU. Forget the past. Do not harbor feelings of bitterness and resentments. Strive to live in unity. Ask God to help you and restore peace within you and the world. I desire peace for you and this world. Pray, little ones, pray. I bless you in the name of Jesus.
Thank you for responding to My call. AD DEUM.”