Monday Truth in Deep Love🤗❤️🙏

“Conversion is a silent process, only one which I see. Once the seed is sown, the process is slow, slow in order to be nourished and to grow into blossom. As My people comvert, they must absorb and accept the seed. Then, silently. they reflect, and slowly grow!”(From Jesus to Gianna below)

I was in my late 40s when my true conversion began. Prior to that, I was a card carrying militant agnostic, writing letters to the local newspaper keeping the “Christians” and their “imaginary friend” in what I called “check.” Looking back, I know that God was laughing the whole time at my hubris and arrogance, because I’m able to laugh to some degree looking back on it now.
Then between a deep “dark night of the soul,” and influence by mystics who knew things that no one else could, I was propelled to a level of devotion that left me no choice, logically or spiritually, but to place myself in a state of being that was, and is, “all in, and totally His.” I, who once scoffed at any kind of “revelation,” public, private, or otherwise came to know Jesus in a way that allows me to be used by Him in a way that uses my former skepticism as a means to His Glory. I had a Baptist and Methodist upbringing very early in life, so I was aware of the basics of Christianity, but with the lures of “the world,” found them “archaic and imbecilic,” and thought anyone who followed them “silly.”
Now that He has been revealed to me in this way, I realize that like all of us, my calling is to bring others into the same light that God has shown me. The world is changing, and the only way through these changes is through, with and in Him, for he wasn’t kidding when He proclaimed Himself to be The Way, The Truth, and The Life.”
It’s beautiful now, to watch people who are filled with and by the Holy Spirit, as there is always someone close to us to help guide us on the “path to conversion” regardless of where we are in our personal spiritual journey. To see through those who would use His Word for purposes not of Him, and to connect with Him personally so that we can bring others into His Light.
Things in this worldly plane are going to get worse before they get better, and the only way, the only way we can keep our souls intact is by full and total immersion in Him, as He is in fact, everything He claims to be. I pray that we as individuals strive to stay rooted in Him as deeply as we possibly can, to keep our prayer habits constant and steady, that we remain close to Him as we walk each other through the turbulent days to come. That we all become whom God means for us to be. Which is all in, and totally His.❤️🙏
(Reflection by Kenny Meek)

Message from Jesus to Gianna Talone Sullivan, I am your Jesus of Mercy Vol II
DECEMBER 31, 1989
My dear child, I wish to describe today the path of conversion. As you pray for conversion, the seed is sown in the soil. Conversion is a silent process, only one which I see.
Once the seed is sown, the process is slow, slow in order to be nourished and to grow into blossom. As My people comvert, they must absorb and accept the seed. Then, silently. they reflect, and slowly grow!
That is why I have said, ‘It is not necessary to verbally dehate about conversion or on what is right or wrong according to your standards!’ Once the seed is sown into the heart, the soil becomes rich and silently changes the person by perfecting the soul. If the seed is not sown, then try again and again, until there is no mistake that the soil is too bad to accept the seed. The soil is man’s heart. The seed, My goodness. Once the seed is sown, My goodness spreads through the field and kills the weeds of wickedness.
It is a slow process, for weeds are difficult to eliminate, for they tend to grow back. But goodness is their poisonous venom, inviting them to grow fully, so that the root will be destroyed!
Remember, silence is conversion’s patron! If you think your fellow brethren are not converted, know your thoughts are deceiving. Once the seed is sown, silently and at My pace, will the fruit ripen, but all shall be ripe at harvest time! Man does not know what phase of conversion his fellow brethren are journeying. Only I know! Only the seed knows the stage of growth. However, pray for all, and this shall fertilize the soil.
Know, as sinners convert, the more will loving grace and tender words and loving actions from My people assist in conversion. This type of loving grace makes the sinners weep and encourages them in their journey. Never condemn, for I love all the bad and the good. It is through love the sinner repents and does so silently! That is the beauty of conversion. It is a journey you must take alone to fully embrace the intimacy of My eternal Father.
If a sinner laughs in your face and chastises you, simply remain loving and silent. The laughter will turn to tears of joy as he weeps in gratitude for planting My seed. Never argue or return slandering words. Always love and pray that the seed is fertilized.
That is all for today, My people, I bless them this night as this decade ends and the Age of My Divine Mercy commences! Peace to all for eternity!