Saturday Truth in Deep Love🤗❤️🙏

“Remember children that you are weak without God. You were not conceived without sin. In your weakness you are nothing without love.”(from Gianna below)

I grew up my whole life watching narcissistic personalities on tv and in real life barking from the pulpit, issuing “warnings” to their “flock” about “sin,” “power in righteousness,” and what will happen to us if we don’t align ourselves with “God’s will.” They seemed to exude a “do as I say” kind of mentality, but always left room for skepticism about their own actions. In time there would usually be some kind of public scandal that would reduce the credibility of their ministry to shambles, and bringing the reputation of Christianity at large down with them. I also see haughty Christians today who stand in judgement of others, refusing to associate with those they deem “sinful.” How is it that we as Christians should be in a position to judge others? How often have we sat in our circles of like minded “friends,” judging others because maybe they sin differently from us? We do this, yet Matthew, Mark, and Luke all wrote about how Jesus emphasized mercy as opposed to self righteous judgment. He ate with the sinners, tax collectors and the lepers. He not only loved by example, but took that love to its most humble climax, His death. If we pay attention to His original apostles, we realize most of them went down in similar fashion. Martyred in humility.
Yet 2000 years later the movement Jesus started still exists in a huge way. There are still martyrs and people working down and dirty, “eating with the sinners and tax collectors,” aware of their own sinfulness as they show pure love and mercy to those who sin differently from themselves. These people tend to work behind the scenes, giving glory to God in humility, as opposed to showing off their big house or car as they repudiate others. They’re typically unconcerned about their position in the “institutional hierarchy” as they work diligently to show Gods love to others, as opposed to “telling His judgement” to others.
I think the only way we can truly follow Jesus is to drop our egos. Fear of other’s sinfulness isn’t going to get us anywhere special in God’s eyes, in fact it will only hinder our own growth, personal and spiritual. We as Christians should always be ready to humble ourselves to Him and for Him, even if we have to die to this world to make it happen. Jesus was, is, and always will be about humility, and giving all glory to God. The Word made flesh, or the world in its sins of the flesh. The choice is ours every minute of every day. That choice will always be a no brainer if we remain steadfast in our humility. All in and totally His.❤️🙏

Our Lady’s Message of March 28, 1996
through Gianna Talone Sullivan
“My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
Look to Jesus for knowledge and truth. Look to Jesus for fulfillment. Remember children that you are weak without God. You were not conceived without sin. In your weakness you are nothing without love. It is God who deepens love in you. You are made strong in Him. Pray for others. When you pray for others God’s mercy can unfold and the humility of your tears can mitigate the fury of the Father’s wrath. When you love and pray for others your weaknesses and imperfections become the fuel for sprouting the fruit of humility. Do not be disturbed by the repugnance you feel against your own weaknesses. Look to Jesus, who is merciful. Do not lose heart, for you will only add a new fault to your lack of patience. Desire God’s will. He knows your weakness. Remember that you are imperfect and that no person can live an entire life without committing some fault. Be gentle on yourself. God will grace you and help you to be merciful. He will give you peace of heart if you ask Him for pardon. You will triumph over your feelings with God’s gift of love and resignation to His will. Ilove you, little children, and take your petitions to My Son. Peace to you.
Thank you for responding to My call. AD DEUM.”