“Now you, My broken people, must allow Me to be your God; to remold you; to be the potter, or you will only continue to break yourselves and one another until the existence of your world ceases to be.”(From Gianna below)

Being close to God most certainly requires extraction from the world and worldly matters. We grow up in a culture that cares what everyone else thinks about us, yet God doesn’t demand attention in the same way that humans do, so we tend to “grease the squeaky wheel,” which typically consists of noise coming from other humans. We fill our calendars with social demands and things we think we “have to do,” but to what end? Monetary awards? A trophy or plaque for accomplishment that will collect dust in an attic 20 years from now? We think of life in terms of “the dash.” That place in time between the minute we’re born and the minute we die, but where is the eternal significance in that? I might get to “travel the world,” but what will it mean in 100 years that I saw it, but didn’t leave a piece of myself behind for it to matter? The only things I do that are going to outlive me are the ripples of what I devoted to God and His work. Maybe someone will live better because I died unto myself that they might live to thrive, teach, or lead others to a place of positive Kingdom impact. Or maybe something I wrote for Him will outlive me and affect someone in a positive way after I’m gone. I don’t know that those things will happen, but at very least I can devote my life to creating chances for it to happen. Even the smallest thing I leave behind like that will have way more Kingdom impact than all of the money I made and spent in my lifetime. Or any award I might have earned. In the end it’s Him, and us, and the biggest question is going to amount to what we did for, and gave to Him. To humanity and “the least of His brothers.”(from Matt 25:40) He wants our attention, our love, and our service. In full fidelity. These are the only things that will live beyond ourselves, or maybe the memories of our grandchildren. God gives everything to us. What are we giving back? In perfect love. Totus Tuus.🤗❤️🙏

As told to Gianna Talone Sullivan, July 26, 1992, I am your Jesus of Mercy Vol IV
“My dear one, I come now to you to take down. My lessons
for My people. I am a compassionate God. I will not
insist upon My way, but will give to those who ask and endure
with patience. Be persistent people of prayer, and consistent
in your actions.
You ask and then you give up so easily! Where is your
endurance? Will a salesman give a bargain to you if you do
not persist in asking, in being a nuisance?
My love is not one that I will make you beg or plead for,
but you ask in prayer today and do not follow through the
next day because you become impatient and do not persist
in endurance! Ask, and it shall be given unto you. Seek. and
you shall find. Knock, and it will open. Keep knocking until
it opens. When the door opens, walk in!!
I want My people to be faithful to My love through their
consistency of action. If they pray and are faith filled, loving
disciples, they will be consistent in their actions, service and
love. All of this is possible for those who seek Me with a
pure heart.
The heart, I have said, is made clean through silence.
Not of your labor or merit do you succeed in strength of
virtue, but through surrender. My love is true, but the tests
I give to you to see your progress do not always prove true
to your claimed love of faithfulness to Me! You want, but
do not give in return. You ask, and then you become impa-
tient that I have not responded immediately to your dictates.
Then you doubt and give up on your God, which opens My
wounds. How long am I to be manipulated by you to prove
My faithfulness of love to you?
Give to me, and then you shall recieve. It is not within
your own power to achieve. This type of claimed love is NOT
love; it is not unconditional. All desire to reign as God.
How poor is the deceitfulness of your love for Me. Be
strong! Take courage and allow Me to teach you the truth
of love and her sincerity and virtuous fruits. So many of My
people are stricken with pain and sorrow from this conditional
love of deception and dishonesty.
Now you, My broken people, must allow Me to be your God;
to remold you; to be the potter, or you will only continue to
break yourselves and one another until the existence of your
world ceases to be. Take heed and persist in asking. Be consis-
tent with your actions in proof of the fidelity of your love.
Peace and truth be yours against the falsehoods with which
you are deceived. Ad Deum.”