Saturday Truth in Deep Love🤗❤️🙏

“At this point, there are very few receiving My gifts and there are few wishing to dwell in My Kingdom. I have not stopped giving My gifts. They have not accepted them, because of the hardness of their hearts. One gift is not better than another. All My gifts reflect the gifts of My Father!”(From Jesus to Gianna below)

When I was in my “militant agnostic” phase of my life some 20 plus years ago, my favorite hobby was publicly condemning pretty much anything that was “not of this world.” (Jesus to Pilate)Various forms of social media came around, and I used them fervently to attempt to render people of faith as “silly,” and even went so far as to categorize and label them as “bigots” merely due to much of the intolerance I witnessed coming from the people of faith whom I encountered in everyday life. I was a card carrying secular humanist leader and had a small circle of “big brains,” scientists, authors, and diplomats that supported me and bolstered my ego as I worked to pull folks away from Jesus, or any other element of faith that might draw us away from our own “human logic.” I was actually the head of what was then known as “Frederick Secular Humanists,”(after my home town)and used that platform, albeit weak and insignificant in retrospect, to try to bring “human logic” to the forefront, in an attempt to draw people away from “faith.”
I had no idea Jesus was watching all of this, and it took very little effort on His part to send me down into enough of an abyss that my only way out was through Him.
Then He sent Gianna to me, whom I’d only met in a 30 second encounter some years before, and put her entire body of “church condemned,” yet very real mystical renderings in my custodianship. The apparitions, which were followed by tens of thousands of pilgrims from 170 countries, were condemned by the church at large, which was struggling to cover its own sins and found it to be a nuisance, dismissed it completely, and went about its own business of cover ups and scandals for which it is now paying dearly. Meanwhile, it’s been shown to me that there are still elements of deceit and cover ups still taking place in various archdiocese’s as victims of sex abuse come forward, and even court cases are being covered up so that the public at large don’t find out how bad it really is. I suspect “damage control” will still be going on after I’m long gone. This has not “gone away,” and it’s “high up.”
It was ironically through my passionate “militant agnosticism,” that Jesus saw gifts that He could use for His good, and “elected” me to bring people to Him, and Him to people that we all might see His Truth through His eyes, expose the lies therein, and help to bring His Kingdom on Earth to fruition that all might live in Him.
He’s also using my deepest past sins of promiscuity to illuminate my own conscience as to why promiscuity is at the root of every social problem we have, and how our church and churches have, and are still enabling this grave sin which is so rampant, that recovery on the grand social level is going to take a shift of human consciousness like we’ve never seen before.
We’re diverting, as many elements of our society have become “race obsessed,” while most every problem we’re encountering in society has way more to do with promiscuity than it does “racism,”(exponentially so)yet political factions can’t remain relevant if they attempt to speak out on this elephant in the room, so they divert and divide, keeping open the archaic “black vs white” dichotomy which is not only a false product of a weak imagination, it’s false nomenclature from the get. Yet our church enables this, while crickets chirp when promiscuity gets mentioned. Ironically, I watch many of our churches devolve into bastions of “secular humanism,” although they do invoke God’s Name, but use it in vain as they divert, and carry us to a place outside of His Will.
We all have gifts, and if we remain fully open to God, He will use all of our strengths and weaknesses in similar ways for His Glory that all might come to Him, as His Kingdom comes, and His Will be done, that we remain all in, and totally His, and speak truth in a way that realigns the Church’s mission with His, that we might remain all in, and totally His. Our Lady of Emmitsburg, pray for us.❤️🙏
(Reflection by Kenny Meek)

Message from Jesus to Gianna Talone Sullivan, I am Your Jesus of Mercy
JANUARY 12, 1989
My child, I wish to teach you about gifts.
I do not limit the number of graces and gifts given to you.
It is you who limit the number of gifts, by limiting your receipt of them. One gift may be more profound to you than another, but I do not limit how much I give to you.
At this point, there are very few receiving My gifts and there are few wishing to dwell in My Kingdom. I have not stopped giving My gifts. They have not accepted them, because of the hardness of their hearts. One gift is not better than another. All My gifts reflect the gifts of My Father!
From the perception of My people, one gift may seem to be more powerful, but I assure you, all gifts have the same powerful impact. When I ask you to share your gifts with one another, this awakens you to become aware and open to receive many more graces.
PLEASE DO NOT PLACE SUPERIORITY OR GREATER IMPORTANCE ON ONE GIFT OVER ANOTHER! PLEASE DO NOT! My Father’s gifts are all of the same beauty and value in magnitude and importance. Do not exemplify envy for others!
My people do this so frequently. They are not happy with the gifts they have and envy others, wishing for their gifts.
I assure, if you wish to receive selected gifts, show Me your desire to receive them by loving one another, not by being envious! Being envious will only harden your heart beyond extremes!
Be grateful for the gifts you have. Receive more by asking, accepting, and having faith in Me. The stronger your faith, the more you will be aware of the gifts given, and the more you will have the desire to receive.
To have faith is to trust. Remember, the least questionable doubt weakens your unity with Me in My power.