“The vices of the flesh need taming; and the worst vice, that of pride, is the most poisonous and the most difficult to tame! It is not as important for you to see the change as it is for you to be open, to be a vessel of love!”(From Gianna below)

“Pride“ seems to be an elephant in the room lately. It’s a sin in every aspect, yet we have parades celebrating it. It’s very sad when a segment of society becomes socially or economically marginalized, and any segment in a situation like that has every right to be accepted and treated with dignity, but history, personal experience, and the book of Proverbs(16:18) tell us that “pride goeth before destruction.” It is one of the “Seven Deadly Sins.” We all have crosses to bear, whether they be skin color, sex, sexual orientation, or sucking in sports in Jr High School. Yet, instead of allowing these crosses to temper us, render us humble, and allow us to grow, we somehow use them as an indicator of virtuousity at the social level, and put ourselves above those who would not be so marginalized. We find ourselves believing that anyone who doesn’t suffer the same as we do isn’t entitled to an opinion about it, and should therefore also be marginalized. Maybe even more marginalized than we once were. We feel that because we belong to a faction that was once oppressed, every member of the faction that once oppressed us is less than we are. We all like progress, and want equality, but instead of striving for that, we go overboard and take it to a level where we raise ourselves out of a state of oppression and actually become the oppressor. That’s not an indicator of a mission looking for equality or justice. It’s an indicator of a battle for power. Power beyond what others are allowed. We should be very wary of what people tell us is “progress,” or “progressive,” and ask ourselves; “progressive for whom?” We all have room to grow, and we humans are very good at adapting to new things. The problem comes when we attempt to overcompensate for any situation that doesn’t fall under what we deem a utopian ideal. That’s never about equality, and it certainly isn’t about truth. That’s about power, and power should be reserved for God, certainly not any of us. We’re just here to love each other. I pray that we take a step outside of our agenda, and look to Him for truth. Ask God to show us how He sees us, that we might carry His will forward in truth, and perfect love. Totus Tuus.❤️🙏

As told to Gianna Talone Sullivan, July 27, 1992, I am your Jesus of Mercy Vol IV
“My dear one, because you do not see your interior growth being relayed to your exterior actions, does not mean that other people do not see your growth. It is the same, not only for you, but all My people. Remember, you are blind to many things of yourself, and what I do outwardly through you
may not be noticed according to either your understanding or expectations. This, however, does not mean that My works through you go unnoticed.
When you grow slowly, it is difficult to see the change at once. Also, this is for your humility. The vices of the flesh need taming; and the worst vice, that of pride, is the most poisonous and the most difficult to tame! It is not as important for you to see the change as it is for you to be open, to be a
vessel of love!
“When you are in the forest, it is hard to see the trees.’ It is the same with spiritual growth. My people should not focus on where they are in their journey because selfish vanity can develop. They should, rather, seek the journey lived by My Saints as a guide to assist them in identifying the path.
Why is it so necessary for you to know the great works I do through you? When you are totally empty is when you shall know; but by that point, you will not desire to know.
Tame this vice of pride now! I am not only speaking to you, but to all My people. You are no different than they are. The human vices need to be tamed. How shrewd the subconscious to deceive you to experience self-pity and need for acceptance and praise of your graces! Put aside these harmful thoughts and continue to simply live quietly in My love.
There is nothing you could say that I could not say without you! There is nothing you could do that I could not do without you. I molded you. I gave you the words to speak. I gave you the gift of knowledge. I gave you the strength and wisdom to succeed. So, as you receive, give back to me what is mine.
But also remember My love for you, and that I need you because I came for you! I was broken for you, and so much desire your happiness and love. So, see My teachings, not as a reprimand, but as encouragement to face your vices and to surrender even more unto Me, that I may clean you and make
you pure of your human vices of the flesh. I will replace them with the spiritual virtues of heaven.
I regret to have exposed you, child, to your own inadequate vices for the sake of My people, but My people shall come first, and you shall be last. For I will NOT let one of My lambs be lost. The gems of My heart shall shine, and each, in their own beauty and rarity, have a priceless value!”