Friday Truth in Deep Love🤗❤️🙏

“To My cautious and apprehensive ones, those of great intellect, seek Me with your heart. See Me from within and live in My holiness! If you truly trusted in Me, you would know Me and you would know with your heart and with your mind that these lessons are from Me, your Jesus, and from Me ONLY, for I am GOOD, I am PURE. There is no evil in Me.(From Jesus to Gianna below)

If we want to see the world and others as God sees them, it’s essential that we dismiss all human propaganda that might distract us from our heavenly missions and goals. It’s important that we remain aware of it from all sides for the sake of avoidance, but to remain immersed in it, or even a follower of it, will pull us away from Jesus in a way that will serve no one, including ourselves. Heaven has no use for our labels, only for our souls in the purest sense, as labels are tools of the devil designed to keep us distracted and divided. They are tools of the ego, things we use for false justification when our self esteem is low. They are elements of pride, which at its core is the deadliest of sins. Whether we like it or not, or agree with it or not, Jesus is the path to salvation in whom we must give everything, as He gave everything to us, including, and especially, His life. That’s why, particularly in this era, it is critical that we immerse ourselves in Him at every opportunity. To place ourselves at the foot of the cross, and consume and consecrate ourselves to Him through His body, blood, death, and resurrection. That we suspend all pride and ego and allow Him to live through us and in us in a way that dismisses and transcends all earthly narratives. To serve in love, and allow others to follow through our prayers, thoughts, and deeds. In pure love. “Thy Kingdom come, thy Will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” Living through Him, with Him, and in Him, all in, and totally His.❤️🙏
(Reflection by Kenny Meek)

Message from Jesus to Gianna Talone-Sullivan, I am your Jesus of Mercy Vol II
DECEMBER 18, 1989
My child, tell My people to be on guard against the evil one and his followers. Where there is good, so too will evil be!
Live by the doctrine of My Church. All those who do not are not of Me, but from the evil one. Always look to Me for the truth you seek. I shall always protect all those who desire to reign with Me, for they who desire are My chosen ones.
If I say to you that I promise you eternal life and peace, then all I say will be fulfilled! Live in your faith. That what I speak will be granted. If you truly trusted in Me, then you would truly believe that what I say will be fulfilled in the glory of My Father. I am not here to enslave My people, but to free them!
I died for all so that all would live! I died for you so that your soul would never die. I am a God Who wishes for all to share in all My glory. All I have I give to you. There are no restrictions.
I do not wish for My people to feel guilty or have any feelings of remorse, because I love them and am a forgiving God. ALL THEY NEED TO DO IS COME TO ME AND FORGIVE THEMSELVES, SO THAT I CAN FORGIVE THEM.
It is a simple and true oath I have given to My people, yet, so hard for them to grasp. I promise everlasting life, and they have a difficult time believing that they shall have it.
I tell them that I live, and they wonder! I speak to them, and they doubt in My truth. I tell them to be on guard for the evil one, and they shun Me away, afraid that I am he!
If they would come to Me before My Blessed Sacrament, they would know that I am their Jesus of Mercy and all of which I speak will be fulfilled!
These are the many types of My people, child. Make note of them, for they are all good, yet lost. There are My people who do not feel worthy and are full of remorse, guilt and low self acceptance, knowing their merit alone would never gain their entrance into Heaven. There are those who are apprehensive and overly cautious. These people of Mine are controlled by their intellect and rely little on their knowledge given through their hearts. These are My doubting Thomases who wonder if My lessons are truly from Me. Then there are My confident people, My people of pride; those who make their time table. But I am at the end of the list! They are the ones who have little or no time for Me. They are enthralled with success and life and power. These are still My people, whom only money has enticed to the point where it becomes their god, My people of materialism!
I tell you about the different types of people, child, because they all belong to Me. They all are good, but need the grace of My salvation. Those people who do not belong to Me are those who have given their soul to the evil one! They are those who worship idols, and do not practice the doctrine of My Church. They are forever gone because they choose to walk with Satan! Those who fall into the trap of evil, can be saved through prayer and devotion. However, those who turn away by their own free will from the Trinity, lose life forever!
So, I tell My people this day to be on guard against the evil one, but to know that I am their Jesus of Truth and Faith.
I will protect all who come to Me, for all eternity!
I wish to tell My people of low self esteem and fears to rejoice, for I shall release them from all enslaved feelings of remorse. In their simpleness, they have been redeemed.
All I have promised them will take place. They shall gain Heaven because I merit it for them. Do not worry about your worthiness, for I, your Jesus, am worthy, and all who live in Me shall gain eternal life through Me only, not through your merits. And I have said I shall share everything with all My people, so Heaven awaits you!
To My cautious and apprehensive ones, those of great intellect, seek Me with your heart. See Me from within and live in My holiness! If you truly trusted in Me, you would know Me and you would know with your heart and with your mind that these lessons are from Me, your Jesus, and from Me ONLY, for I am GOOD, I am PURE. There is no evil in Me. If man can promise and speak to man of many things, can not God speak to His people and have fulfilled what is promised? Know what I say is true!
Come before My Blessed Sacrament and be intimate with Me. Know the gift of your intellect was given from My Father.
Use it to know My truth, that it is truly your Jesus speaking!
Do not allow the way of the world or evil to fog your intellect.
Come before Me and you shall see clearly that My Father has allowed Me to speak to you. You will no longer be apprehensive.
And to My people who are on the edge of darkness, My people of pride and confidence, My people of success and money, I urge you to pray! Do not be deceived by your materialism. If you do not have time for My Father, make time or He will not have time for you in your hour of most need.
If you are so sure that you do not need to pray as I have asked, or do not need Me, then be sure that you are in most need of My Divine Mercy!
It is you who are My lost ones. It is you for whom My heart bleeds. It is you who are the farthest away. If you give money in order to receive recognition, beware! Your only recognition will be from man. Do not allow money to be your god of power. There is only one God of power. Find Me before it is too late! I never said you must be poor to enter Heaven. I have only said you must not have a love for money, as your god. Do not be powerful through your money. Be powerful through Me. There is so much I wish to give to you. My treasures are of more value than the most money your mind can conceive. Humble yourselves so that you can be first. Live as you are now, and you shall be last, if at all!