Friday Truth in Deep Love.🤗❤️🙏

If the last 2 millennia have demonstrated anything, they’ve shown us that societies and man made economic systems are temporary and fragile. Yet somehow Christianity in all of its trials, still lives in the hearts and souls of over 1/3 of the population of this vast multicultural globe in spite of the lures of society. Members of every culture have converted and converged in large numbers. There’s clearly something very special about this story of the life, ministry and passion of this Son of Our Lord that has kept people engaged in spite of the structural difficulties and corruption that have penetrated our churches and institutions. Somehow the divine powers and the will of believers have managed to keep this amazing ministry intact in spite of the fact that worldly power struggles have done everything they can to marginalize it, or even destroy it. Yet I open up my tablet every single morning, and see loving evangelists immersed in His Word and preaching the Gospel of His unceasing love. The beautiful thing is, everything worldly could be reduced to ashes tomorrow, yet His love, or as the scriptures say, “His steadfast Love” endures forever.(Psalm 136) At the end of this very short and temporary life, the only things we will leave here, or take with us, are what we give to Him in love. The stronger our unity in Him is here, the greater our impact on the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. The prayer that Jesus taught us, “Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven” gets recited around the globe every single day, even more on Sundays. We say it over and over, but do we believe it? If we remove ourselves from the narratives that society foists upon us, and look at the world through His eyes even for a moment, it will become clear that His return is imminent, whatever that ends up looking like. He’s asking us to be here for Him. To prepare souls, and to act in love from every aspect of our being to unite the Kingdom of Heaven to those on Earth, that all may live in His eternal Light and Glory. May we all stay free from temptation, and allow ourselves to be delivered from all evil, that we all become part of His Kingdom. All in and totally His. In perfect love.❤️🙏

Our Lady’s Message of March 21, 1996
through Gianna Talone Sullivan

“My dear little children, praise be Jesus!
Little ones, I love you very much. As your Mother I care for your well-being and desire all good things for you. God the Father loves you and desires you to reap the goodness of the land. He desires all His children to live in peace, joy and unity. He desires you to share in His great glory as His saints. His saints were little in the world, yet powerful because they chose to master their attachments to the world by surrendering any possession which might have prevented them from listening to His will and responding.
The less the world gave to them the more they received from God.
Have confidence in His love and trust in His assistance to help you. The more confident and trusting you are in God, the more you will experience peace of heart and the more freedom you will have because your security will be in His love. You will not be worried as to the future, because you will be detached. You will know that all will unfold as God wills and that it will be for your happiness.
God is waiting to see who will answer His call and respond. I bless you little ones and take your petitions to God. Thank you for responding to My call. AD DEUM.”