Monday Truth in Deep Love🤗❤️🙏

“Even when people may seem to be angry with you, mistreat you, or be unkind to you, your kindness, your silence, and even how you interiorly dismiss their actions out of love, will gain you a great reward in Heaven.”(from Gianna below)

(From today)I like to think I have a pretty good evangelical “batting average,” but every now and then, the evil one will manifest itself in the form of someone who will bring forth a level of egocentric ire in me that doesn’t always end well. I’ve spent this Lent in a pretty deep reflection of that weakness in myself that will hopefully allow me to do better. To divorce myself from any situation with the potential to “go south,” before it does. There are evil ideologies floating around out there that people we want to love will embrace with a level of furor that makes us want to engage in the same fashion, but we must be careful not to do that. I personally need to practice what I preach, which I don’t always do. It’s a good time for this one to come around so that maybe all of us can do better as we look forward to the coming of our Risen Lord in this Holy Week. All love!❤️🙏

(From archive)Our reason for existence only boils down to love. While it’s good to kind of know what’s going on around us, immersion in “current events,” and politics will only take us down a path of worry and distress, and basically allow Satan to score points in a game that he can’t win. We won’t win either if we choose to keep our focus on worldly deceit and filth, aka “politics and news.” I witness all of the stress, worry, and hate emanating from the media, social and other, and know that it only takes a minor adjustment, a focus on God and His plan for us to change our lives, and to be immersed in His will, as opposed to believing we have some kind of “duty” to change things we can’t in the realm of politics. Politics makes all of us ugly at some point, and ugliness is not in His will, or His plan for us. Everything is in God’s hands, not ours. The only way we can stay in His Light is to surrender our will to His, and to cast His light on everyone we come in contact with, as opposed to our opinion, which will only foster division. Jesus is here and now, ready and willing to a accept our hearts and souls into His for eternity. I pray that we all remember that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, and follow accordingly in love. Soon and very soon, precious souls! All in, and totally His.🤗❤️🙏

As told to Gianna Talone Sullivan, Dec 21, 2006, Our Lady of Emmitsburg
“Little children, praised be Jesus!
Thank you, little ones, for coming to pray. I welcome you with the
Love and Spirit and Joy of God, Whom I am grateful to serve. I join
you in prayer and desire you to know how precious you are and that all
your acts of kindness and love will never outdo God in His generosity.
God sees all of these small and large acts. They are all for your greater
blessing and final reward in Heaven.
Even when people may seem to be angry with you or mistreat you or
be unkind to you, your kindness and your silence, and even how you
interiorly dismiss their actions out of love, will gain you a great reward
in Heaven.
Remember my words because they are true! When things become
more chaotic than even now and people are more angry than even now;
when people mistreat you even more than now, you will hold onto my
words —that your reward is great!
I love you and I thank you and I bless you in this Holy Season with the
blessing of the Child Jesus! Many believe and many more do not; but
for those who do believe, this blessing is real because it is from Heaven.
For those blessing who do not believe, the blessing rests upon you.
Thank you for your response. I am a happy Mother–your friend,
your advocate, your mentor, your Mother.”