20. Silence

My little one, the beauty of Life continues in the silence of each day.  The body grows and changes without daily notice, but still is growing silently.  During their lifetimes my people fail to recognize also their silent visitation from the Holy Trinity.  Nothing remains the same.  Each moment life changes, but the Holy Trinity remains the same, yesterday, today and tomorrow, offering the fruition of Love of Life eternal.  In the silence of My Birth, My Life and My Death, life continues on for My people as a gift from the Holy Trinity and the invitation for them to know who they are as they were created to be.  The year rolls over into a new millenium in silence, but the Love of the Holy Trinity continues to give Life.  Every soul is created to give God glory, but every soul must find out the meaning of this gift and its mission to Love.  

Now let us continue on from where I last ended:

21. My Mother, the Teacher

This is a new day.  We, the Holy Family, still live in Egypt.  I am sitting on My father’s lap facing him.  My forehead is pressing into My father’s forehead, and I’m staring right into his eyes.  Our noses are touching and My hands are cupped around each side of his face.  He looks into My eyes, too.

I say, “Boo!”  He smiles, and My mother walks in.

“It is time for your lesson, Jesus,” she says. 

I descend from My father’s lap feeling grownup and proud of My independence.  Respectfully and obediently I approach My mother. “But, Mom, first dad has something for you.  I have something for you, too.  It is your birthday today.  Daddy told me he made you a rocking chair but to keep it a secret.”  

Joseph walks into the room and smiles most reverently and humbly, as he has heard what I just told Mother.  “Happy birthday, Mary!”, he said.

“Yeh”, clapping my hands I say, “happy birthday!”; and then I reach with open arms and hug My mother’s legs.  She picks me up and smiles.  I give her three big kisses on her left cheek and I make the Cross on her cheek.  

“Thank you, my loved ones.  I love you,” she said.  After it was over, we (My mother and I) sat on the new rocking chair.  “Let us begin soon with your lesson.  Today we will continue on with the recitation of the Canticle of Moses, the song of Moses before he died.”  

Mother says it, and I repeat after her.  “Give ear, O heavens, while I speak.”  We spend ten minutes learning and reading the words.  I do not know how to read just yet, but I pretend to know.  

Then we say our prayers; and mother tells me a story about Moses and the land sworn to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; about how Moses died in the land of Moab; and about how Joshua was filled with the Spirit of Wisdom.  

“No prophet arose in Israel like Moses whom the Lord knew face to face,” said My mother.  

With those words I smiled and clapped.  I hugged her neck and jumped off her lap, marching out of the room proclaiming in an authoritative voice, “Give ear, O heavens, while I speak.”