15. More on Our Daily Life

“Daddy, you wanna play rocks with us?”, I asked as I ran to him with my arms extended.

Then my father picked me up, gave me a warm, strong, loving embrace and responded with a smile, “Well it seems you have had quite a full day.  Come sit on my lap and tell me about it first.”  With a proud smile on My face, I took My father’s hand and led him to the kitchen chair.  My mother, with her gentle smile continued to prepare something for us to eat..  

“I pretended to die today, daddy, and it was hard work.  There were people fighting, but I won because God is with Me.”  

“Oh?”, replied My father.  “You didn’t upset Your mother today, my Son, did you?”  

“Oh no, daddy, we were just playing.  It was pretend.  I have to do that, you know. Mommy was a little sad, but I have her a big hug and kiss. You wanna play rocks now with me?”

“In a minute, my Son, perhaps I better talk first with your mother.”  Mommy brought the snack to the table and we all gave praise to the Father for His goodness and our humble meal.  My father then conversed with My mother about the day, as I paid little attention, jumping on and off the stool.  

You see, my little one, My Life as a “child” was just exactly that, the life of a child.  There was nothing extraordinary or spectacular which set me aside and different from any other child growing in the arms of loving parents.  This is what made My life so special, because it invites and includes all children and people of the world for all generations.  I came into the world and lived in the world, and I would die in the world for the love of all people.  All people would be given the opportunity to live life in Me and to die in Me, to share My Life as I shared theirs and to share My Death as I conquered the pain and sorrow of death in order for all to be able to pass into everlasting joy.  

Well now, after our humble meal, My father played rocks with Me as Mother cleaned and tidied up the kitchen.  Afterwards, we all joined together for prayer time with recitations of psalms, praises to God and prayers for those in need.  Then My mother cleansed me from My hard day’s work of play and prepared me for sleep.  My father would bless Me and be next to Me as I prayed My bedtime prayers; and then My mother would sing Me a lullaby, rocking me as My precious eyes rested on hers.  Slowly I would close them as another day came to a close with anticipation and thoughts for tomorrow’s activities and play.