29. Faith

Little one, let us continue now from the point where we left off:

Faith is the key element in which free will can be used by each person.  The gift of faith is given from Me.  Every human being is given this precious gift when created.  How it is applied results in the depth of spiritual advancement and security within My Divine Will that each person attains.

Abraham used his gift of faith.  It is because of his trust and faith that he was able to perform miracles.  He did not doubt.  He did not worry due to his age whether it was impossible for him and Sarah to have a child.  His faith allowed him to reach the height of My promises.  His trust grew stronger and stronger.  He blessed My Name for everything, even before it happened.  He knew that anything is possible for God.  This privilege belongs to all of humanity.  Because Abraham achieved this trust in My words, He became the Father of All Generations and made it possible for all to believe in My Divine promises.

The Old Testament is filled with stories of faith and stories of achievements, both good and evil.  My act of salvation redeemed the world.  Abraham’s trust allowed him not to be sentenced.  He was found not guilty and opened the door for all of humanity to follow suit.  My sentence gave humanity the freedom of salvation through fulfillment of My Divine Will. 

Heaven could not contain me, so I came to save humanity.  My mother taught me and primed me in the ways of culture and study. She tenderly mothered me and guided me as a child.  She did not worry what other people said against the Holy Family.  She rejoiced in the Truth.  The Truth cannot falter.  It is the Truth.  She knew that what is good comes from God and that His Light never changes.

I am the Light.  That is why you see oftentimes the Mother and Child together.  Her faith never swayed.  That kind of faith is for all people.  Like Abraham, all have the opportunity to reach such heights of privilege.  

Peace to you.