“I desire to teach them now and encourage them to be “little” children, little
in all ways: actions, thoughts, deeds and speech; little through
simplicity and humility of heart.”(From Gianna below)

I find that the greatest joy, and the most pure love I ever get to experience come from “serving the servants.” Looking for those who are doing God’s work in tiny ways, and serving them with what ever time, treasure or talent might be useful to them, whether it be preparing food, playing music and hosting an event, keeping a prayer chapel in order, or taking out the trash at the end of the day. Service in love in “little ways.” St Therese was all about “doing little things with great love,” and even though she only lived a mere 24 years, her soul philosophy has become the hallmark of how all of us can be of service, or how we can all truly change the world by doing God’s will in the smallest of ways. I don’t think it stops there though. It also means looking into the eyes of everyone we serve, and seeing them as God sees them, and loving them as God loves them with true purity of heart and soul. Showing them God’s love in a way that not only makes them know that they are loved, but giving them the desire to go out and reciprocate that love to all whom they encounter. Love is truly contagious, and it’s up to us to spread it. The tools to do so are in us, and the Spirit is with us and in us to be with us as we walk each other home in His precious light. This isn’t rocket science, or something we have to spend months in deep contemplation and planning to carry out. All we have to do is to keep our hearts souls and minds open, as opportunities open up for us to say “yes” to Him. To look for the helpers, and to ask how we can help. To be little through, with, and in Him. In perfect love. All in, and totally His.❤️🙏

As told to Gianna Talone Sullivan, I am your Jesus of Mercy Vol V
In Assisi
September 11, 1995
My Little Children, My Saints
“My dear little one, I love My people. I love to be with them. I
am the innocent, gentle Son of Man who was betrayed and con-
demned to death. I in My innocence carried sorrow in My heart
for all the world. The wickedness of the world stood before Me
and condemned Me. Yet the world thought it was I who stood in
sentence before them. My acceptance of their sentence was so that
they would not die. I accepted the sentence of death for them, for
all people, that the body might die by the sword but the soul could
live forever for all those who believed in Love. The foolish man is
one who does not believe in God. For those who do not believe God
exists will betray their very selves, and their own wickedness will
condemn them. But for those who believe in My salvation through
My victory in death will joyously celebrate and be with their gentle
God. The wicked and righteous shall be slayed by their very own
sword, but the innocent and meek of heart shall live for all eternity.
I shall stand by My people always even though many, one by one,
have chosen and are choosing to walk away from Me. Those who
desire to remain with Me, I in My infinite wisdom chastise now in
order that they will reign with Me and share in My glory. I desire
to teach them now and encourage them to be “little” children, little
in all ways: actions, thoughts, deeds and speech; little through
simplicity and humility of heart.
Do not mistake littleness with lack of power. Littleness is de-
tachment from possessions and is purity of heart. It is simpleness
and the wisdom to avoid the influence of wickedness. Littleness is
not associated with the lack of wealth, prestige or success. Those
who are little, joyfully surrender all their attachments to this world
and persevere with endurance. It does not bother them not to have
any attachments because they are dependent on Me and are attached
to Me. Initially the surrender of their possessions may involve
disheartening feelings along with temptations for the sweet enticements
of the world; but as My little ones accept and renew daily their
invitation to allow Me to love them, they master their feelings and
find that even their feelings are attachments and obstacles to purity
and humility of heart. They, with time and perseverance, become
little children, pure and joyfully free, yet powerful and full of My
heavenly treasures.
Little one, how I invite all people to share in My great glory as
My saints. My saints were little in the world, yet powerful because
they chose to master their feelings by surrendering any possession
or attachments to the world which might have prevented them from
listening to My will and responding. The less the world gave to
them, the more they received from Me. I invite all My people to
be My little children, My saints. I love all and call all to My Heart.
I wait to see who will answer and respond to My call from heaven
above, for those who respond will be My little children, My saints.
Bless you, little one, and continue to pray for all people in the world
and for peace and unity. AD DEUM.”