My Dear Little children,

Praised be Jesus!

You know dear children, that God is amongst you.  As I bore Him in my womb, you also can bear Him in the womb of your soul.  Allow Him to enter underneath your roof, to be comforted and to find rest.  Take my hand and give me rest.  Allow me to rest in you, as [during] the very night when I could not find shelter for my Son.

Live in His Divine Peace, and you will find the intimacy of True Life and freedom.  You will be gifted with many gifts and virtues.  The Kingdom IS within you!  How do you obtain it?  Trust!  You can not make anything happen. Only God can do all things.  Trust in Him and He will provide where you dwell within His Kingdom.  Believe with all your heart.  He will never leave you.  He is always there.  Only you can limit the number of gifts that He desires to grant to you.

This Holy Advent, walk with me and sing a song of joy!  For INDEED, your creator – God Emmanuel – is among you.

Peace to you.

I take your petitions and I will present them to my most adorable, omnipotent King, the Child Jesus, this evening.  

Thank you for responding to my call.