Little ones, praised be Jesus,

Know as you are gifted the grace of self-knowledge, many imperfections surface, and many tears surface from knowing many sins of pride. But those tears and imperfections turn into perfections as you continue to pray and entrust yourselves to the Mercy of God.

For the evil one, he will seek out even you humble souls, so that you would be filled with the knowledge of condemnation instead of trusting yourselves to the Mercy of God.

So always know that in your sinful way, God is glorified when you turn to Him and you believe in His Mercy.

When you pray, remember to have mental prayer as well as vocal prayer. If you cannot have mental prayer, continue to vocalize your prayers. Do not stop so that you become idle and neutral where you would be open to temptations. But mental prayer with vocal prayer empowers you, encircles you, and allows you to become inebriated with His Love, His Truth, and more knowledge of self and of growth. Goodness comes through trusting.

Always adore Jesus. My St. Joseph, my beloved Joseph, is always with you. He will protect you and safeguard you.

I love you little ones. I thank you for your prayers, the powerful prayers of protection for so many children seeking God’s Truth.

Receive the blessings of the Most Holy Trinity, and especially of the Child Jesus Who is so carefree and full of Joy. He desires you to take His Hand and walk with Him.

Peace to you, dear ones. I love you. Ad Deum.