My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

Little ones, be at peace.  Know I am your Mother, and I come before you in thanksgiving to God the Father.  Thank you for your prayers.

Little children, in this troubled time there are many people who are in despair, angry and fearful, and who are not choosing to trust God.  Please, be the Light of my Son.  Be cheerful, loving, forgiving and kind.  You can change the way people feel because you know that love is not a feeling.  Love is a fact, but the love you have for God is different than the love for neighbor or family.  That love can shine through you because your heart holds the treasure of His Love.  Know that in your humanness you may fail through sin, but you can be forgiven and try again. 

The world can change, but the world and the people in it have free will.  If God was the ultimate means to change the world through force, there would be no abortion, there would be no euthanasia, there would be no hatred, and there would be no division or war.  If God would rule without respect for free will, there would be no need for me to implore your prayers and assistance. 

But there is free will, and God has been patient! However, abortion is escalating,  greed and hatred are escalating, civil wars are escalating, lack of trust in God is escalating, despair and hopelessness are escalating; but I’m here imploring prayer, giving hope and inviting all to know the Truth. 

So pray, as I ask you, to be the Light of Jesus.  God will not allow this havoc and self-destruction too much longer, for He created the soul to give Him glory and to reign with Him for all eternity.  As you see events unfold, many of the warnings I have given to you are being unveiled.  So be the Light; and bring back people to God through your love, for the soul is precious. 

Remember:  just a look, a smile or something you are not even aware that you do can change a person’s feelings until they realize the love of God is not a feeling, but there forever in good times and in bad. Acceptance and surrender play an important part, and these precious souls will realize this and come back to God.

Thank you, little ones.  Proceed most valiantly with the blessing of the Triune God. I take your petitions to my most Sorrowful and Immaculate Heart.  I cover you and protect you within my mantle, and I will present you to God. 

Peace (fading whisper).