My dear little one,

From the creation of time, God the Father picked you for a special mission to glorify Him.  He called you, like he called Samuel.  You did not know who was calling you but ultimately you responded “here I am Lord, your servant is listening.” 

Be at peace.  To have a True Faith in God is to walk into the unknown without your mind or desires scripting out what you think God’s plan is for the future. It is living in the “now” in the comfort of His Love, regardless of any hardships.  It is a blessing and honor. You belong to Him.  He hasn’t left you.  The soul must be at peace with God.  People cannot do this, but only through fidelity, loyalty and love for God can you, through self-denial and acceptance can surge through to His Bliss.

Continue on your way.  When people shun you, do not take it personally.  They think they know what they are doing in response to what they think God wants them to do.  I told you that Christians would be severe amongst each other and many would even walk away because they think that because they pray and attend services that they are righteous and therefore have the authority to be judgmental. 

Be Careful not to judge and forgive and be patient with the weaknesses of others.  

Know I am with you little one.  I am with you.