My dear one, praised be Jesus!

God sees and hears everything that comes from your heart and soul. He knows you and your desires. He sees, hears, and knows all people’s desires. You are not alone, and your petitions are being answered. You know that your requests for your prayers to be answered according to your own desire may not be in the long run, for your best health or happiness. God knows what you need, and I mediate for you on your behalf. Always, surrender in peace and send accolades of gratitude to Him. Continue to praise and thank Him. He will satiate you with feelings of worth and feelings of being welcomed into a new life.

Everyone needs to be loved and feel needed. He is not leaving you. So many people feel [that] if God does not answer their prayer, that they are not loved or valued. Stay close to Him through continual prayer and surrendering. Do not get angry or stop praying.
You will be granted the Wisdom and insight to know, as you grow in spiritual maturity. You will be very happy. It is the same for all of God’s children who desire to know Him and grow in spiritual maturity.

Peace to you. Peace and joy within are yours.

Ad Deum