My dear one, praised be Jesus!

Be strong in God’s Love!  Keep the chamber of your heart tightly guarded.  Do not allow His Love to escape.  There you will always be safe.  He will consume you and then His Love will be your love which will shine and reach out to all peoples.  People will desire to walk towards the Light of God which you will emanate.  They will want to leave the cold and darkness to be embraced with the warmth of His Light and Love.  Be at peace always.

God’s hand is on you, guiding your path and making it straight.  It is the invitation to all His children as well. Remain close to His Heart. Remain close to His Heart in all you do, in your fears, weariness, sorrows, loneliness and joyful and victorious acts. You belong to Him.  Never will He release you to the netherworld.  He has chosen you as He has chosen so many of His children to assist in His plan.

Surrender in His Love and rest in His freedom.  I too, remain with you.  You are safe, as I am protecting you from the vultures, demons and wolves who desire to destroy everything about you.  The more you are commissioned and chosen by God to complete His works, the more the vultures and demons want to destroy you and your works.  I am here though for you and My children, and I will crush their heads!  Your work is still unfinished, and it will be completed in the perfection of His Master Plan of Salvation.

Thank you for your Fiat and response to my beckoning call.  Peace.

Ad Deum