Kingdom of God living in us.

My dear little one, praise be Jesus.

The key to union with God is not only having the knowledge that the Kingdom of God dwells within you but to love God, and, live the Truth that His Kingdom does dwell within.  It is a great gift, and every prophet, mystic and Saint throughout the ages, have come to understand and proclaim the love that God’s Kingdom dwells within all who desire to experience Love and Union with Him. 

If people believed, truly believed that the Kingdom of God dwelled within them, they would desire to live His Love and then confrontations, divisions and battles of all sorts would be silenced.  When you actually experience the Love God has for you, you only desire to be like Him, to know Him and to share the Love He has for everyone. You can even face the fiercest enemy with Love and that silences evil.  

Only God can allow you to come to know how many Saints have expressed the Love of God from experiencing the Kingdom of God within them.  His infinite Mercy is beyond understanding and everyone can live now in union with Him and His Kingdom can dwell within all now. Pray and ask for His Kingdom to dwell within you. Ask and keep on asking. He forgives and is not vindictive.  He heals and nothing is impossible for Him to restore you to perfection. Anything unclean can be made pure and whole. 

I tell you the KEY to the mystical Truth of knowing God is to desire the Love of His Kingdom, The Kingdom of God which DWELLS WITHIN YOU!

I love you and take your petitions to my Son.