Praise be Jesus!

Little ones, I thank you for coming. I give you the blessings of my Son. Now, little children, I have come to many places all around the world. In many places I have brought different messages in one form or another inviting all of the world to return to God. I have given messages here in the United States, but there are many people who reject these messages because there are few people who want to hear my words within the United States. To them it is well if I present them with messages at any place in the world other than the United States. So this has always been troublesome. But no place in this country has there ever been a place as this, the Center of my Immaculate Heart. In fact, there is no place in the world that has had the power behind this name, the Center of my Immaculate Heart. Because it is at this place that I bring my Son, the Child Jesus, as a refuge, a refuge for all children. You cannot go before God unless you become like a child. Only those who are like a child shall enter the Kingdom. So my little Child is inviting all people regardless of age to return to Him and to be with Him and seek Him as refuge.

There are many things I desire to tell you. One is that many people have rejected me because my message is one of challenge. Oh yes, indeed, I pre-warned the world of the events that were to happen in September, 2001, but also I have pre-warned the world that if abortion did not cease and moral ethics were not changed back to their rightful place that this world would see a devastation like it has never seen before in the history of humanity. I pre-warned the world of the devastation that would happen to the children, and about the exponential rate at which the children are being exposed to demoralizing values. I pre-warned the world of the effects of crime and natural events that were soon to hit his country and the whole world. Many people rejected these because they did not want to hear messages that caused them fear. I invited them not to be afraid, that there was no time for fear but only time for change. And yet, many people chose to believe that they were more righteous and rejected my words from heaven. So now, in the midst of such turmoil, pain and suffering, I your Mother weep for all my children who rejected my words because even now they still reject them and choose not to believe that I pre-warned them. They choose still not to return to God and give Him the glory which is rightfully due to Him.

Many people are Christian in deed only. Many of them are even so-called “Catholics”. But the time will come, and I your Mother pray for them, when they will know the truth. I pray that they will be able to accept the truth in their hearts and be merciful to themselves and rise to a new level. For God forgives those who can forgive themselves, those who really truly struggle.

You have all been chosen. I am so proud of you, my little children. There are many people chosen in the world, but here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart I place the seal of protection on your souls and on all family members that you hold dear to your hearts. I place the seal of protection on you and I thank you, but I desire to tell you that you have been called not because of your strengths but because of your weaknesses. Because only in your weaknesses can God flourish through you out into the world. I call you “leaders” and “ambassadors of light” so that you can lead the lost. The reason I call you this is because you truly know the breadth and the depth of pain and sorrow. You have in all of your lives undergone tremendous pain and sorrow, and yet you have become victorious because at the very core of your pain was found even more surrender and abandonment to God, acceptance and submissiveness to His Will. The more selfless you have become, the more I can allow my presence to guide you, and the more that my Son in His Most Sacred Heart can literally dwell in you, not only for the short time after you receive Him in the Holy Eucharist, but it is at every moment that you can dwell in the Truth of His Divine Will; and then the Eucharist can sustain you from one reception to the next, not only for the short time following each reception.

So thank you, my children, for hearing my words and being with me. I know that you hope with all your hearts that the time will come  when these are not just words but the meaning  will flow and play out, and I promise you as your mother that all will unfold as has been said.  The Divine Plan is with God and we must through free will act accordingly.  The more we surrender, the more we receive.  This is truly a time of war.  This is the time of salvation.  Now we are ready.  We have planned our attack, a plan of victory.

I bless you and thank you for responding to this call.