My little one, praise be Jesus!

You belong to a Mother’s care. Pay attention to the flame in your heart. I have always said where your heart is there too is your treasure. Once the flame goes out it is difficult to rekindle the fire. How often have I said guard well the flame in your heart and soul? Do not allow any being or spirit to blow out your flame.

Now to be at peace is to love God with all your heart, mind, and soul. Try to be attentive to those close to you but never allow them, or anyone, person, or spirit, to irritate, intimidate, hurt you or blame you. When this happens, close the chamber to your heart and soul. Keep pondering and pray to Jesus like the repentant sinner. Do not even try to figure out a solution. Silence now is your shield. I am here to protect you.

God loves all people. Do not be concerned. Love and praise Him. Simply pray, pray, pray in thanksgiving to Him. You are a little child special to Him. He will redeem your health of mind, body, and soul. At a moment’s notice, all could be made new. Jesus can instantly change the world, its situations and destroy evil. Be ready within. That is where the Kingdom of God dwells. Remember, when you try to be just like Jesus means you must lose all to gain all. He will accomplish this with you and all people who desire to be like Him at the proper time. Only those who are very close to Him are even graced to ask to be like Him. He gives you the strength, courage, and fortitude to continue. Meekness, gentleness, kindness and acts of Charity follow. First continue to praise Him, focus on Him, and thank Him. You will then be able to marvel in the wonder of His Presence.

There is so much division now because the evil one has some knowledge of the good about to happen. Ignore his annoyances and anyone who tries to disrupt your peace or cause you ill feelings.

Peace to you. I love you. I remain with you.

Ad Deum