My dear little one,

Praised be Jesus! Never fear what has been told to you and outlined. You have been chosen. There are many seers, and prophets and locutionists that have come and gone. Many have written and publicized things to come and events to unfold. Do not let your soul be disturbed. Always rest in Jesus. There you will always be safe, regardless of what you know. You are protected and Jesus has always given you someone to watch over you, even until today, through all your own personal sufferings and relationships that have abandoned you.

Pains and hardships may have afflicted you, but you have been victorious, and people look to you to see how you continue to rise again with joy and peace. You experience fear because you know of the many things that have been told to you, but you do not know how these events will unfold.

Do not let doom or gloom distract you. You are strong in His Love. It doesn’t matter who believes you or not. You know, and Jesus is with you. Be at peace. Continue to love and serve as you currently are trying your best to do. My St. Joseph will guide you, as he has. You have been given a great gift of discernment. Always rely on your inner Wisdom.
I am with you. I will NEVER leave you. Filial Trust is what you are called to right now.
Thank you for your years of responding to my call.

Ad Deum