My dear one, 

Praise be Jesus!

God the Father wrote with His finger to create a new way of life.  A life of Love and Mercy.

Jesus follows through by writing with His finger a New life of Love, Forgiveness and Mercy. 

Look at all the possibilities to make things news.  New relationships through forgiveness and mercy.  A New life, a Newdesign, a New you, servant of God. All is possible by not following old suits of the past but by following love, forgiveness, and mercy. 

Leave vengeance to God for He said, “Vengeance is Mine”.  Be strong by living His Love.  People may not understand, because so many have different views, ideas, intellect and thoughts and perspectives. Time will tell. 

Wait and see.  People put deadlines on God’s timetable.  Wait.

Patience in His will reveals Truth.  Do not be afraid to speak as His prophet when instructed.

Peace to you.  I bless you in His Holy Name and gift the blessing of health and prosperity to you.

Thank you for your response to My calls.

Ad Deum