and anniversary of Fr. Kieran Kavanaugh, OCD, 57 years of ordination (Gianna’s spiritual director)

My dear little one, praised be Jesus.

Many people are [so] preoccupied in waiting for future events, such as the “Warning and Illumination”, that they are missing living in the present moment.  Life is to be one which is filled with joy and wonders. When difficult times surface, then surrendering and recognizing God allows these things or events in your life, so that detachment can be achieved and you learn that suffering is truly a gift He shares with you.  The only attachment any person should have is to God alone; for His greater Glory and honor.  All other issues and circumstances are given to assist you in life. Your devotion to God is mandatory if you want to grow in spiritual maturity and Wisdom. Focusing and/or emphasizing the future events, hard times and such, becomes a distraction and an attachment.

Some people suffer more than others, depending on the level God desires to raise the soul to in Heaven.  Suffering does not reflect sinfulness. It reflects an elevated level of graces.  In Heaven there are different levels and even though – [in] whatever the level the soul resides, there is comfort, acceptance, bliss and Love.  No envy for other souls who reside in other levels in Heaven exists.  Those levels are reserved for the souls who my Son selects who were detached and drawn personally by Him to His level of His Passion and Suffering and Knowledge.

I was troubled when the Archangel Gabriel announced that I would bear a Son, Emmanuel.  All my life was one of Trust and acceptance. I put God above everything; every circumstance and person, because I knew with filial confidence and Trust in Him, all things would turn out good.  You too can do the same. God DWELLS within you.  You are safe and you are protected.  

We love you.

Peace and REJOICE!

Thank you for responding to my call.

Ad Deum