Praised be Jesus!
Little ones, know that God loves you, that He is with you guiding you, and that
He is directing each of your lives. I tuck you under my mantle, into my
Immaculate Heart; and I guide you each to the Truth and to live a holy life, that
life is to follow my Son.
It a great joy to be here with you, to bless you, to tell you how much I love you,
and also to allow you to know that there is great turmoil in the world, not only in
the world, but also within many peoples’ lives. My Son has called many of His
children to follow Him, so everyone has a free choice. Those who desire to follow
His Way, He will not allow to be misled or to leave the path which follows Him
The path may be narrow and at times painful, but it is the ultimate Way to
freedom and ultimate independence for humanity.
There is not time to allow those who do not wish to be with Him to mislead those
who wish to be with Him. So I take your prayers and petitions, and I as Mother
of God must protect those who desire with all their hearts to be the Light of
Christ. Because of the spiritual warfare and because of the many things happening
in the world leading towards human destruction, my Son has come and asked me
to gather my army of children, to wrap them under my mantle, and to give them
the seal of God’s blessing. In that seal is the protection of safety, harmony and
unity, and tremendous wisdom to know and discern God’s Will.
I love you. I know there are many whom you love.
Because of free will God
watches hiddenly from above and awaits all to come to Him. He will not interfere
but your prayer can always unite and bring back those who have chosen to walk
away through indifference and the sweet enticements of the world
I bless you, my children, because you are my children. I love you. I know how
important you are to my Son, how very special you are to me, how beautiful you
are, and how much you radiate my Son’s Love. I am a proud Mother because you
have listened well, you have obeyed, you have been nurtured in my love and have
matured in Christ’s Love. For this I am a grateful Mother, and in this gratefulness
I take you once again to the foot of the Cross; and there my Son, the Salvific
Savior, who was once borne as a child in my womb, shall gather your prayers and
take them to God the Father. God the Father in turn will dispense the graces
through the Holy Spirit, Who shall dwell in your hearts and release the many
intuitions of prayer and Love that He has for you to follow.
You shall be
nurtured. You shall be safe.
You shall be protected. You shall guide. In your
guidance, many shall follow.
As they follow, you shall then become leaders.
leaders, all then shall look to my Son as the Ultimate Ruler.
Peace to you. I love you. I thank you and I bless you. I take all your petitions
this very night.