Super Bowl Sunday
Little ones, praised be Jesus.
Little ones, I take your petitions to my most Immaculate Heart; and in my
Heart as I wrap my mantle around them, I bring them to the foot of the
Cross and I offer them up to my Son who is your Salvific Savior. There He
is, and He shall take them to the Triune God where He as God Himself
shall glory in all your sufferings and shall offer them up to God the Father
for you. There you shall be pampered, you shall be wrapped, and you shall
be clothed with the balm of healing. I thank you and I love you.
Little ones, we are embarking upon a new era.
In this era you must
remember, as we have mentioned today (in the readings from the Mass),
that Jonah went forth to Nineveh.
In Nineveh he proclaimed that in forty
days there would be the complete wrath of God upon them unless the
people changed.
Those people suffered, dressed in sackcloth, made
offerings to God, and they changed; so God resisted and made changes in
the world. God relented, and He did not carry out what the prophet had
Today I have sent not only one prophet, in my daughter (Gianna), but I
have sent many prophets. And who is listening in the world? Many desire
to go off on their way, under their own control and their own ways of
thinking and discernment. Everyone has a different opinion.
Because of
free choice, everyone seems to be going a different path. Because of this, I
can tell you that what is coming upon this world is different than what
happened in the days of Nineveh.
I would ask you to pray about this, and
know that you must each make a change in your own life, not just you who
have been challenged and are making changes, but all those whom you can
also challenge to make their own changes. When the day comes upon you,
it shall be swift. You will not have time to bring forth your children. You
may not have time to bring forth your spouses.
You will have time only to
make amends with God Himself
So I would invite you this very night to be prepared, more so than ever
before in your lives. I can tell you that we are on the edge of war. This is
not a war between peoples, but this is a war in the heavens. This spiritual
war is quite evil indeed.
Many lives shall be lost, but many more souls

shall be lost.
However, it is better to die in the faith of Christ than to live
in another world without Christ Himself, in a world dwelling in darkness.
So I invite you to make it known to those around you and to be prepared;
for this new time we are entering is a battle, not only spiritual but perhaps
physical. I invite you also to invite those others you know to come forward
and to be prepared. Days are coming upon you, sooner than you know; and
in those days, there will be more mourning and weeping and sorrow. Many
shall blaspheme my Son and many shall walk away from Him.
However, this day that I come (Super Bowl Sunday), many are not doing
Many are rejoicing.
Many are not thinking of my Son.
Many are
looking to other sources of fulfillment,
other refreshments for their bodies
instead of their souls.
I am here telling you that each of you have been
blessed with the seal of Christ for protection and safety, not only on your
body but on your soul.
I am telling you now, so that when it happens you
know that I have given you the seal of my Son.
Pray, pray, pray that because of free will all this will be diverted; because
that is my desire too.
But I must look to the foot of the Cross and to the
Holy Trinity from where Truth itself has evolved.
I want what my Son
wants; and I want to tell you again,
“Do whatever He tells you.”
Peace to you.
Know that I take your petitions once again.
Know that you
are precious souls and creatures devoted to my Son.
We know you by
You are not lost.
You are among Us unless only you desire to walk
I give you my Heart.
What more can I give, because I gave my
Heart to my Son?
It was my Heart that dwelled in Him who was crucified
for you.
Thank you for responding to my call and thank you for your