The Feast of Mary, the Mother of God
Praised be Jesus.
Because this is the time of fulfillment of my Immaculate Heart,
no longer do you have to remain silent. You can move valiantly
forward and ahead, speaking when you have to speak, not being
afraid to speak the Word of God, not being afraid of who you are
in your companionship and relationship and of the blessings that
you have received from heaven. You can move forward, and you
do not have to allow people to silence you. You can move ahead.
Know that you have within you the Light of Christ, and that
with you is the blessing from heaven, the blessing of holiness.
So you can move ahead.
Be joyful in this, indeed.
Do not be presumptuous, but at the
same time you can be prudent and wise, yet all charismatic in
allowing Christ Himself to shine forth from you in the beauty of
your inner soul, like a little child. You do not have to be afraid
of what you say or to whom you say it, because I am there with
you and you have the blessing in your soul.
The last few years you have been silent and obedient. Now you
are obedient, yes indeed, but silence is not so necessary because
you have the Light of Christ in you and with this virtue of
holiness you can shine forth.
You are to be Jesus, as He has said,
not only on the surface, but within your hearts and souls.
are to be Him, totally.
There were many times when He was not
so silent; but indeed, He was so charismatically joyful and fun
and happy.
So too, can you be. Yet, He spoke the Truth, and
you must also speak the Truth.

A new beginning is unfolding right now, and I am here with
I’ll want you to remember all that I say, because the next
message has to deal with the world.
In the future as this
message unfolds in the world, it will deal with people and how
they have to focus on Christ.
In a war, parents and children
must look forward.
They must look and focus on Christ. So my
next message is quite different indeed; however it is not yet
composed, for I am awaiting the proper time to reveal the words
of my Son.
I bless you abundantly.
I take your petitions.
I know how hard
you try.
I know what you have done, and I know how much
other people have also done.
I know how so many people are
dedicated to my most Immaculate Heart.
So there is unity, not
yet comradery.
But there is unity in the Spirit, and all will join
together in that comradery of One in Christ.
I bless you and I love you.
I take your petitions. This is a
special night indeed. It is the night when I am Queen, and I am
the Mother of God.