Private Message from Our Lady

Through Gianna Sullivan

June 17,2002

Praise be lesus.

God in His goodness is with you. I thank Him and praise Him in His Holy Name that He is with you, guiding you and protecting you. Know that this is a time in which you are being drawn into a new beginning. Yet it seems so different from all your previous ways.

Your desires and your dislikes all seem now to be so different. They take on a new beginning, a new light in how you look at things.

As your Mother I am here to tell you that we are in a transitional phase when there will be many people, droves of people, coming to the Center of my Immaculate Heart. You have been chosen by God. You have been trained by my most blessed hands which He has given to me and through which graces flow to make you ambassadors of Light. It seems so difficult as you look upon and ponder the fact that you might be needed in a different avenue than that which you are now, to help so many people. I can tell you that there will be a time, sooner than you think, when droves of people will come to the Center of my Immaculate Heart, not necessarily by their own desires but because they have been driven from their homes by the devastation from the world events to unfold. There are very, very few people who will be able to tend to them. Those who will tend to them will really be ambassadors of Light. Being ambassadors of Light is what my Son has given to you. He has named you “ambassador”. So at a time that only the Holy Trinity knows, you shall be there. You shall minister to my children, the many who are in need. You shall guide


You shall heal them. You shall be with them. You shall teach them. You shall give them a new Way, not just a few, but droves of people. It is not far away.

The world thinks that this type of event is truly not what could ever happen in this country, but this is an event that is sure to happen. When it does, they need to be welcomed by my people, ambassadors who are willing to not only guide them but to teach them and to heal them. In the new tomorrow which we all seem to say shall come, the day shall still pass and the new dawn shall still come upon us. But the new tomorrow is one in which we shall also be challenged and we shall all be at peace. I say we shall be at peace because we shall all belong to Jesus. As we belong to Jesus, we are all ambassadors of His Light, you and me, one and the same. There shall be so many people in need of an embrace and in need of healing within there own souls, and who desire to be loved. They shall be in need not only in their souls but also in need of physical healing.

You shall tend to all these needs. Truly you are blessed indeed that God Himself has selected you and called you by name to rise to the plate and be the jewels of His Crown, and at the same time to minister to those who are in tremendous need of Love. So be prepared; and know that you need to be prepared not only spiritually, but also physically, medically, emotionally, and psychologically. All of these elements need to be drawn into one, drawn into the Sacred Heart of Jesus, where you are well protected and where His grace shall abound in all Mercy and all Love.

I bless you each and every one of you, in the Name of my Son, in the Name of the Holy Trinity. I bless you and I thank you for responding to His call.