The Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Praise be Jesus!

Little ones, listen to the Word of God and know these precious words are from heaven.

Transformation, little ones, is not an easy process because it can only happen through the grace of God. With time people change. With time and through the grace of my Son and through their continued surrender and abandonment to Divine Providence people can change for the greater glory of the Holy Trinity from whom all grace flows and abounds to all of creation.

Know, little ones, that I am pleased with all your efforts, but also know that this is the time of great evil and that truly there is a war at hand. So, I as your Mother must challenge you. I would not be genuine if I could not challenge you. If I were to say that all was well, especially in this country, then perhaps pride would dwell within your hearts. If you knew that all was well, then perhaps you would continue on and think differently about my adversary Satan himself who would then be able to enter into you and deceive you, making you think that you were all righteous.

But indeed I must tell you that you are doing so very well and I as your Mother am so very proud of you; but I must also challenge you as a Mother and encourage you to continue on and to grow in the grace of my Son through all of His virtues in kindness and compassion. I must also challenge you to be more selfless, to be more giving. If you were not educated, if you were poor, indeed there would not be much with which to challenge you; but in this country, the United States of America, you know quite well that there is much to be changed and much to challenge. So I am here with you encouraging you and endorsing you. I am rewarding you with my Son Himself.

Through all of your efforts I bless you. I take your petitions. I bless all of the religious objects you have brought here to use for the greater glory of my Son through your prayer. But know I need your help. I need you to continue to be strong. I need you to be the warriors of God, to put on your armor and to be true “knights”. For this is a different war, a war truly of the spirits within the heavens; yes, a war in the world, but mostly a war within the heavens.

And I desire so much to protect your children, which is very difficult to do in these days. As good parents you must be very cautious and discerning, and sometimes you must use this tough love. But with this tough love, know that at its core is the Sacred Heart of Jesus. So that all love is that which dwells within the Holy Trinity. Where there is love there is God, and where there is God there is love. The two are inseparable. Where there is God, there I am also, for I shall not part from Him.

I raise my eyes to heaven above and I allow the stars in heaven to shower you with great graces of tremendous virtue from my Son. I thank you because, yes, you have responded; but once again as a Mother I much challenge you because you are strong and victorious, and you are leaders. As leaders you must lead the lost. I depend upon you and as you surrender more completely to my Son, the more He will give you and the more you will be the Abrahams, the Moses, and as well, the Davids.

Oh, my dear ones, I love you and I thank you for responding to my call. Now we shall move victorious into a new tomorrow.