Praised be Jesus.
Little ones, I give you the blessing of the Holy Family. This very night, my
little ones, I desire you to know that God is with you and that as this New
Year unfolds,
many graces are about to
embark upon this world,
especially upon your country.
There you shall be to enlighten and light up
the Truth for all of mankind.
So now I wish for you to ponder your next virtue through which you shall
be able to dwell in the Mercy of God. The new virtue will come upon you
with peace and with tremendous Love from the Lord.
I love you. I take your petitions. I know there is so much in your hearts
you wish to present to my Son.
I know there are so many things in the
world that are heavy on your hearts, and yet you also want to pray on
behalf of other people.
So I take all of that.
I know that your family
members and all your loved ones are so much of a concern on your hearts
and minds, and I take that to my most beloved Son. He shall present it to
the God, your God, the Holy Trinity, God the Father.
I want you to be at peace. This night I want you to know that the blessing
of the Holy Family is upon you. If you ponder the meaning of that, you
will know the breadth and the depth of Love itself, the meaning of the Holy
Family, and what it means for you in your hearts, in your souls and in your
Peace to you.
I thank you as the Mother of God and as your Mother for
responding to my call and for a new beginning, one which shall be glorious
indeed, not filled with the sorrow, not filled with the calumny, not filled
with the slander and malice from the past. This is a new beginning, the
new victorious Triumph of my Immaculate Heart.