January 1, 2023

My dear little children, praised be Jesus.

As we commence a new year,  allow me to give you words of guidance to help you grow in perfection.  

 Be docile. Do not allow interior resistance to enter and cause distractions.

 Obey the minor details of life.

Be sincere and genuinely care for the well-being of others.

 Be honest and live in God’s Truth.  Do not count the cost of the sacrifice.

Be loving and think more of others than yourselves. This can be achieved by tempering your ego. 

Be prudent by thinking before you speak or act. Measure your words and always do good.

Always prepare as if the day is the last because the soul knows when the time is up. Preparation allows a smooth transition and welcome into the arms of God, the joy of the soul’s restoration.

I am the Mother of Jesus, your Savior and I am your Mother as well.  I love you, and I desire all good things for you. 

Thank you for your fidelity to prayer and loyalty to my Immaculate Heart, and especially to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus. I am happy to witness your prayers. You are living in a time of confusion, division, and uncertainty.  However, remember in darkness there is an anticipation of Joy and Hope.  

Praise God and thank Him for all you have because without Him you can do nothing. Repent from sinful ways. His Mercy and Love are immeasurable.  You do not have any conception of His Love for you. If He withdrew His Love, you would not exist.

Have Hope and Fortitude for a new beginning!  Praise His Glorious works. He will lead you. Thank Him, remain focused on Him and do not walk away.

I bless you with the Omnipotent blessing of the Child Jesus, and thank you for responding to my call.

Ad Deum