My dear little children praised be Jesus!

I desire that not one of my children be in harm’s way with the imminent tribulation to unfold.  I desire all to be safe. There are so many who have scattered because of the confusion over current events.  My children are in three categories.

1. Those who believe they know the truth of prophecy which has made them righteous. If a prophecy does not unfold the messenger is deemed unworthy of listening to any other message. 

2. Those who are indifferent. These are my children who are afraid to defend and stand for the Truth.  This involves the sin of omission because they have come to terms that whatever they attempt to support will fall on deaf ears, and so they do not do anything. They believe that God will “take care of all things”. Faith requires works.

3. Those who have been wounded through persecution.  These are my children who try to remain hidden because of the treatment they have received verbally, physically, mentally and/or through indifference, from people who chose not to honor my words. 

The most dangerous category is those that fall into the category of righteousness. These are my children who believe they know who is authentic and who is not. They are certain as to when and how the events will unfold. No one knows the day or time.  The season, yes. If you see storm clouds, you know when a storm is coming. Therefore yes, prepare. However, it is a sin to oust someone if she or he says something that prophetically does not happen exactly as proclaimed. This type of reaction causes division.

Those who chose to do nothing to change the evil works leading towards revolutionary and communistic ways are just like those who did nothing to help save my Son from His horrific death due to their sins. They were afraid to defend His cause and stand for the Truth. Please do not be sedentary. There will be a revolutionary war if action is not taken.

Those who have been persecuted and have had their hearts thrusted with the sword and are hesitant to speak because no one desires to listen to them. They have been defaced by the righteous authorities and others who feel they know what is true or not.  So, these little children of mine keep within themselves and pray to the Face of God for His Divine Light to prevail.

This Lenten season is one for forgiveness, love and prayer. Do not hate but strive to forgive and love. It will serve all of my children well if they strive to watch their tongue against defaming and slanderous words.  It is time to pray, love and prepare.  It is also the time for vigilance; be vigilant against communism and the works of the one world economic forum. If given the opportunity fight in the necessary means and ways against them taking your liberty from you. Your religious freedom is at stake. Please continue as well to pray, pray and pray.

I continue to remain with you.  I bless you in His Holy Name.  Honor Him.  Bless Him every day.  Say to Jesus” I bless You”.  He will bless you as well.  Delight in my Son.  He will bring you happiness. Yearn for Him to become your dwelling place.  Stand for peace and do not allow a revolution to unfold.  He is your help, your treasure and your rock of strength.  Allow Him to remain in your mind and heart.

Thank you for responding to my call.

Ad Deum