Public Message from Our Lady of Emmitsburg To Gianna Talone-Sullivan

October 4, 2022

My dear little children, praise be Jesus!

With great joy my heart is united to my Son, and unites with your heart. My heart dwells within your heart.  My Son, in His loving Mercy, will never abandon anyone who desires Him.  Although He calls each soul (person) according to His plan, each soul (person) is free to choose to remain loyal and committed.  Even amid confusion you must be loyal and committed to my Son’s Most Sacred Heart or you will not be able to discern these times of evil persuasion, chaos, confusion and soon imprisonment and lack of your own freedom.

If you surrender and TRUST in His Way in every moment, you will be safe. I told my little Therese of Lisieux that there is no need for any soul to go to purgatory if it surrenders and TRUSTS in His Way in every moment. My Son desires every soul to be with Him. I have told you that your soul places judgement on itself. However, when you Trust, amid severe trials and sense of loss, along with the times of joy, you are free in His Love.  True freedom is yours!  From a human perspective, trusting, at ALL times, may not seem possible. But it is true. My Son is always with you and the Holy Spirit is guiding you.  I understand that your mind can wander, or you might feel alone or frightened.  You may think that God has abandoned you or has left you to nothingness.  He has NOT left you.  In fact, His love is so great that when you accept and respond in all circumstances with trust, confidence, and humility He draws you closer to Himself.

Be not afraid and continue to TRUST, PRAY, and HOPE in Him.  Pray the rosary children!  I love you, and desire the fulfillment of my plan, through God’s Divine Plan, the fulfillment of My Immaculate Heart.

I am always with you.  My Son continues to bless you, your family, your loved ones and all of those you hold dear within your heart.

Peace to you. It is time to put your armor on and to be ready.

Ad Deum