My dear little children,

Praised be Jesus!  Today is one of the most important days to implore, and to receive, my Son’s unfathomable Mercy.

The angels rejoice and sing praises to glorify Him.  He desires you to open your hearts to receive all the graces and gifts He wants to give to you.  Those who are close to Him receive abundantly without fear.

He loves you more than you can imagine.  When you see Him face-to-face, you will comprehend in totality, the depth and breadth of the love He has just for you.  

Pray to remain free from the stain of sin. Utilize the Sacrament of Reconciliation given to you to conquer sin and to continue to get closer and closer to Him. He will never abandon you and will always give you the opportunity to respond to His Love. There is nothing you can do that will keep Him from loving you.  You are always invited to a change of heart.  He will save you.  Do not be ashamed of your past, but turn to Him and He will save you and give you the freedom and safety you desire.  

The world is dealing with confusion, anger, betrayals and the battles of war and life. Turn to Him and He will heal you and give to you His Divine Mercy of Life.

Peace to you, little children. Jesus is waiting for your Love. 

Thank you for responding to my call.

Ad Deum.