My dear little children, praised be Jesus!

My little ones, please be calm.

Rest in My Son’s Sacred Heart.

If you lift your head from His yoke, you will be wounded.

Focus on Him!

Jesus is your protection, love and intimate friend.

Blessed are those who are meek and mild of heart.

Simple, yet so consumed by the flame of His Sacred Heart, you are all called to be blessed by being meek and humble of heart.

Focus on my Son.

He will temper your vices with love.

Love will filter into your soul and consume your entire being.

My little ones, know I take your petitions to my Son.

I will always take your petitions and present you as a loving Mother would.

You will never be forgotten by Jesus.

Even if all forget you, Jesus will never forget you.

You are precious in His eyes, and He desires you so tremendously.

Tonight I bless you with the grace of meekness.

Thank you, my little ones.

I bless you in the Name of my Son, who has allowed me to be here for you.

Thank you for responding to this call to meekness and humbleness of heart.