My dear little children, praised be Jesus!My little ones, how blessed are you to know Jesus.How blessed you are that He in His infinite Mercy and countenance graces you with His Divine Love.My little children, Jesus is your Savior.Do you not see interiorly how free you are because of the newborn Babe?Remember always, my little children, that through Him you can serve this world, all His children in need.But without my Son, you cannot serve the world with Love, even though humanly you can serve.Only through Jesus can you love, and only through His Love can you truly serve those in need in this world.I love you, my little children, and I give to you my greatest treasure, my Son, my Heart.Take this precious gift and cultivate the Love He has given to you through loving one another.Thank you, my little children, for your prayers.Use this time of grace wisely by always examining your actions.Always, they should be actions of love for others, yourself and most importantly my Son.Love Him first, above yourself, and yourself for Him.Then you can love others, and your actions will be fruitful in His Love.Bless you in the Name of Emmanuel, your God Who is with you.Thank you for your response to my call.  Peace.AD DEUM. (Our Lady prayed over everyone, blessed everyone and kissed me.)