Sunday Truth in Deep Love🤗❤️🙏

“My people need to understand these differences. I am not calling My people to simple mindedness, or lack of knowledge. I am calling My people to knowledge and to life without complexity. I am not calling My people to ignorance. I am calling My people to a state of being of purity.”(From Jesus to Gianna below)

Society can certainly drive us into a state of turmoil. It isn’t like the days when we hunted, gathered, took care of each other’s kids when we weren’t able, and celebrated our wins based on God’s provisions, and our abilities to provide our tribes with the rudiments of life. We’ve had social structures develop around us that control much of what we do, and factions out there fighting for “the reins” of that control. We have calendars, schedules, house payments, cars to keep running, school and activities to take our kids to that may be miles from where we live. We have government entities taking part of everything we earn, fighting for control of that as well. We want everything “right now,” and have glorified promiscuity to the point where we make babies that we kill in the womb by thousands a day because our social structure won’t allow us to support them. And people fighting for the “right” to do that, not because it’s the right thing to do, but because our values and social structures have devolved to a place where people feel “painted into a corner” with no way out but to commit murder. And rather than emphasizing personal responsibility, we just take care of the “problem” the best way we know how. We have come to a point where most social problems we face can be traced back to our glorification of promiscuity, but that’s the elephant in the room that few are willing to talk about. I rarely if ever hear that being talked about from “the pulpit.” I feel like God isn’t being well represented by us in that sense. God isn’t represented by us in many senses, but if we look honestly at our social problems, so much of the “social complexity” we incur can be traced back to our promiscuity. Im not judging anyone on this, as I have been just as guilty in my own past, but there comes a time when we all need to take an honest look at ourselves, repent, simplify, and immerse ourselves fully and wholly in God’s will that we might become part of a solution than an exacerbator of more “problems.” We rarely admit to the truths of these things, but truths they are, scientifically, and undeniably.
Unfortunately, here in the US, we’ve devolved into a false dichotomy, both “sides” of which have little interest in solving these problems, because if these problems go away, then these entities no longer have a purpose that keeps them relevant. And their power can’t be sustained. Complexity is clearly of the devil in a big way. We keep creating narratives that enable these evil social forces at the voting booth, and the lever we pull tends to be based on the ability of a particular entity to generate enough propaganda to sway us one way or another.
We are at a point where I fear our lives are going to be “simplified” whether we like it or not, and our survival is going to depend on our ability to adapt to that simplification. But we also have to remember that our survival on this earth and in this plane aren’t nearly as important as our eternal survival. Staying right with God in a way that shows the truth of His Kingdom to every single soul. To love one another as God loves us, so that all of us might experience the Glory of His Kingdom, and the “life of the world to come.” To simplify, and immerse ourselves in His Truth, and His Light, that all will want to be a part of it. And that we remain all in, and totally His. ❤️🙏
(Reflection by Kenny Meek)

Message from Jesus to Gianna Talone Sullivan, I am your Jesus of Mercy Vol II
DECEMBER 24, 1989
My dear child, so many of My people mistake simpleness wth simple mindedness and ignorance! I have said many times: wish for My people to have simplicity! Allow Me to define the difference, and make clear My terms for My people.
Simplicity is a state of quality of purity and naturalness. It is NOT simple mindedness. Simple mindedness is a state of foolishness and ignorance. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. It is a state of being without knowledge. I have asked My people to be simple, not ignorant!
I never said beast be simple, you must be poor, did I?;So many of My people believe and associate simpleness with materialistic values. Simplicity and poverty are not one in the same. There are many of My poor beloved ones who lead very complex lives! Simplicity is the lack of complexity.
Any of My people who say, ‘you need to lead a simple life, suggesting monetary values, do not understand what simpleness truly means! The love of money will control you and manipulate you into leading a complex life, but money itself does not identify a lack of simplicity!
My people need to understand these differences. I am not calling My people to simple mindedness, or lack of knowedge. I am calling My people to knowledge and to life without complexity. I am not calling My people to ignorance. I am calling My people to a state of being of purity, especially during this tiding of joy, My birth. I wish for My people to understand, clearly, the significant difference between simplicity, simple mindedness and ignorance.