“Those who come to Me admitting their imperfections and weaknesses,
even though I know what they are, and without seeking self
consolation, receive My virtues abundantly.”(From Gianna below)

Humility is hard. We live in a culture where we feel the need to compete with egos like our own, to control, and to make everything “right.” We have opinions being drilled into our heads every time some new “worldly event” passes before us, and we feel like we have to render our own opinion on every matter, as it allows us to feel like we’re in control of something. We talk about “God’s will,” yet instead of allowing Him to render it, we take it upon ourselves to try to force His will on others, yet it never seems to work out, and we end up in a place of frustration and unhappiness. We end up living outside of His will to try to force our own agenda, thereby sending those we might deem adversarial to their respective corners, where they reinforce things that may be even further outside of His will than that of our own purpose. The message from Our Lord below beckons us to allow Him into our souls where He takes control, that we can walk in His perfect light in pure love. Into His will is where He calls us, and only there can we find our true purpose. We must allow His purpose to be our purpose. Then we can find the peace that He desires for us, by allowing Him to lead through us, with us, and in us. Our job is to be the love and the light through His will, and only His. May we find perfect rest in His pure love. Totus Tuus.(Totally yours)❤️🙏

As told to Gianna Talone Sullivan, October 25, 1990, I am your Jesus of Mercy Vol III
Spiritual Maturity
“My dear child, how I wish for My people to realize that
they are powerless when they desire to control. They are only
powerful in Me. When they give to Me their control and
allow Me to discipline them in spiritual maturity, they receive
My joy and peace. My journey for those who truly give to
Me all of themselves results in their victory. My journey is
not victory over others, but is victory over yourself, victory
in receiving eternal bliss.
My dear child, do not My people realize that everything
they have comes from Me? Even their thoughts are those which
I allow; even their desires are those which I allow. If My
people would realize that they are powerless and come to Me
with open hearts, I could grant to them abundant graces. Those
who come to Me admitting their imperfections and weaknesses,
even though I know what they are, and without seeking self
consolation, receive My virtues abundantly. Because even free
will comes from Me, I cannot give the graces of My virtues
unless My people allow it.
How pure, and what joy it brings to Me when My beloved
people come and open their hearts to Me! Speak to Me and
share your joys with Me. Be open and accept where you are
in your journey, for where you are is where I desire you to
be. Do not attempt to advance without Me advancing you or
you will only end up taking many steps backwards. All must
go at My pace, if they truly desire to follow Me.
Pray for detachment from your worldly desires and pray
that My desires will always be yours. Be faithful servants by
following and remaining true to the Word of My Father. As
My people begin their journey, and even those well on My
road must remember that I give everything to them. They
cannot achieve any spiritual level unless I desire them to achieve
it! Be grateful where you are and always focus on the Word.
Remember, I can advance you, if I so desire and in a short
time, what might take someone else a lifetime! It is what I
desire because what I desire gives glory to God. Never raise
your spirit to boast of your self-achievement in your spiritual
journey. Always remain lowly. For remember, when I invite
My guests to My wedding feast, I may invite someone better
than you to sit at the front table, and you may be asked to
sit at the back! Always see yourself as lowly in a healthy
way and when I desire you to be first at the banquet, you
shall be asked! Never take it upon yourself to think you will
be awarded such a great gain. Only those who give totally,
sincerely, openly, devoutly and honestly of themselves by al-
lowing Me to guide them will achieve such a bliss.
Tell My people to realize how powerless they are in con-
trolling their spiritual destiny! Come to Me in your weakness,
openly and admittingly, and I shall grant healing and strength
and joy. Bless you, My people, and know that My firmness
is not out of hate, but of love for you. Peace to all who deserve