“I humbled Myself in obedience to My Father so that you would overcome your pride in My humility. Continually, you must resign to My Will and overcome your will and pride!”(From Gianna below)

When we walk through churches and houses, or drive around town, we see lots of crosses and crucifixes. The symbol of Christianity. They’re everywhere but what does that mean for us? The tool of the executioner in Roman times, that Our Lord went to willingly and died upon so that we might live in His perfect light. How often do we really reflect on what that death means? Giving one’s life so that all might live. We don’t see the struggles Jesus went through in His agony at Gethsemane, or walk with Him as He was scourged and beaten, and carried the cross to His place of death.
Yet, most of us will sit in church and become annoyed because we can’t hear what’s happening because a baby is crying, or someone slams a door. Or we might be in a state of deep contemplation and/or prayer and someone turns on a vacuum in the next room breaking the silence in a place where we were feeling comfortable. Or out in the world we become annoyed because a driver cut us off, or someone said something that doesn’t resonate with us politically. We might even be inclined to become “cross,” or to lash out in anger when these disruptions come into our lives. Grieving about how inconvenienced we were. We all do these things, and feel these things, but how often do we take these things to the foot of the cross? To remember Jesus’ death and how He allowed Himself to become more than inconvenienced for us. How often do we go to Him that we might allow our comparatively minor inconveniences to be put into heavenly perspective?
If we want to truly follow Jesus, we have no choice but to humble ourselves. To remember His passion, and realize how wonderful our gift of life is, and to allow that perspective to carry us through life with other humans from a place of deep and perfect love. To allow ourselves to shed tears of joy as we fully immerse ourselves in Him, and overcome our distress as we spread His light. Because He loved us then, He loves us now, and He will always love us. May we allow Him to live through us, with us and in us, so that we might bring His light to the world. In perspective, and in perfect love. Totus Tuus.❤️🙏

As told to Gianna Talone Sullivan, July 29, 1992, I am your Jesus of Mercy Vol IV
The Only Way
“My dear one, listen intently and hear the words I speak. For those who have ears to hear, let them hear.
I humbled Myself in obedience to My Father so that you
would overcome your pride in My humility. Continually, you
must resign to My Will and overcome your will and pride!
Bear with patience for the sake of God the subjections of
Treatment from others. Bless those who maltreat you. Give to
all who beg from you.
What have you to complain of to Me? Even in the midst of
your sins, I love you and give to you because you are precious
to Me. It is My hope that you will recognize My favor upon
you. Be thankful. When I hide My face from you, shower Me
with your love and praises. For I do not come at your beck and
call, for you to realize it is I Who control, and am God!
As I give to you, give to Me. But give more to Me when
you are alone and think I have left you! I am there, but I am
listening for your loving prayers in silence. As you listen to
Me, it is now the time that I listen to you in this silence. I do
not hide because you have offended Me. You have offended
Me many times, and My love still endures!! It is so you know
Who is God. It is so you will surrender to the subjections of
others for My sake, and that you will overcome your pride in
My humility.
There are many of My people who, when things do not
succeed with them as planned, grow impatient. Remember,
the ways you would like to control are not in your power to
control. It is not within your power to acquire. Those, who act
as if they have been awarded this power, live only amongst
deception of their own selves and, sooner or later, will be over-
thrown. Your worldly wealth and selfish desires to succeed
monetarily through control and power are only short lived!
The time will soon come when all must face death. And this
death is a reality of life which no one has control over, only
the Heavenly, Divine, ALMIGHTY GOD.
Live now in preparation to succeed in this death to life!
You are but dust and yet, because I spared you through My
death, your soul is precious.
Allow Me to grace you to be able to give Me the thanks
for your graces received through My merciful love. You
cannot glory in your own merit, but only in Me. Those who
are wise know better to humble themselves in My humility,
and do not extol themselves. Overcome, then, your will and
be submissive in obedience to the one Superior, My Father!
Those who wish to acquire glory in Me must submit in res-
ignation to the Father’s Will as I. No one goes to the Father
except through Me, and there is only one way. You may exert
much energy wastefully in attempting to reach the finish line
through a shortcut, but only come to your own shortcomings.
I have said,
“Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, but give to God
what is God’s.” There is but only one way to the Kingdom,
the way of love. I am love!”