“It is through prayer and contemplation that peace resides in the heart. In peace can you discern the Way of God. Prayer and contemplation allow you to be at peace with yourself, no matter what distractions or confusion surround you.”(From Gianna below)

We only have to turn on our tablets, phones, and televisions to witness the distress, and absence of peace that most of the human population carries with them 24/7. Our system has created a paradigm where there is nothing about news or politics that isn’t laden with deceit and filth, from the top down, as the information we’re fed comes from the same money that feeds our political systems. Yet we still immerse ourselves in these divisive narratives that do little more than foster hate between us. We show up in church and pay lip service to the other members of the congregation, yet still judge each other because everyone is busy embracing “sides” of a false division that only exists in the narratives that we ascribe to. Even our churches are picking and choosing which aspects of His word to ascribe to that fulfill their own socio-political agenda. It makes it easy to see why so many people think humans created God instead of it being the other way around, as we constantly “adjust His will” to fit our narrative. Today we see this in so many aspects of our faith leaders as well. Making the Church more worldly instead of making the world more Godly. Connecting with cash flow and popularity instead of God’s truth.
If we’re going to truly connect with God, we have no choice but to step far outside of the comfort zones we’ve allowed ourselves to settle into. We need to pray hard, to immerse ourselves in His word as well as the reasons for His word. At the end if the day He is and always will be a God of love, but what we’re engaged in using His name in vain will be exposed, and He will not be mocked. The time to decide is now. Will we immerse ourselves in His love and His will? Or will we keep “adjusting His will” to fit ours. Woe to us if we continue with the latter at the rate we’re going. It’s up to us to bring The Prince of Peace to the hearts and souls of the world. To immerse ourselves in His truth and His love that all may experience the light that comes through His love. We must adjust to Him and stop adjusting Him to fit our own agenda. Truth in love, precious souls. All in, and totally His.❤️🙏

As told to Gianna Talone Sullivan, I am your Jesus of Mercy Vol V
In Laverna, Italy (site where St. Francis received the stigmata)
September 10, 1995
The Silence of the Heart
“My little one, in today’s world people do not take the time to reflect
on God’s goodness in silence. They are busy seeking enticements
of the world, and speech is often what becomes their companion
over silence. Yet when My people are in need, they briefly come to
Me and are quick to ask for graces on behalf of their needs without
taking the time for contemplation and prayer in gratitude. My people
speak too much and do not listen with their hearts. How I desire to
fill My people with fond joy in their hearts through silence. Those
who desire silence and prayer many times struggle because of the
many people who violate their silence with disrespect and lack of
compassion. I desire My people to take the time to reflect in silence
on My love and My will for them. If My people are too busy to take
time to reflect on My love, how can they discern what My will is
for them? It is through prayer and contemplation that peace resides
in the heart. In peace can you discern the Way of God. Prayer and
contemplation allow you to be at peace with yourself, no matter
what distractions or confusion surround you.
My people take little time for silent prayer and many do not
take any time for silent meditation. Then when confusion and chaos
strike, they are not able to find peace within. Consequently, only
few of My people are able to know the truth and follow My Way.
Most importantly, I want to speak to My people and fill them
with all they desire: the freedom, the peace, the joy, wisdom and
happiness of the heart; but they deny themselves and Me by not
adhering to My request to pray within the silence of the heart.
Confusion and chaos will only continue if no one believes in My
Word to reflect in prayer on My will and My love. How can you
live My Word if you do not reflect on it? How can you understand
the meaning of My Word and discern it as it pertains to your life
and My will for you if you do not respect My gift of silence? There
is a time for speech and a time for silence. I tell you few of My
people know the time for silence. When you are able to reflect in
silence, you will see there are more speakable words in your heart
than those found on your lips.
It is good, little one, that you have come back to My place
where I spoke first to you about silence. Now you see there are
many people who seek in pilgrimage their needs from Me and
who fail to see that one of the greatest gifts of My merciful love
is silence of the heart in order that their needs would be fulfilled.
I have so many graces to give; and yet, there are so few who truly
desire them. They ask, ask and ask, but do not allow Me to give
because My gift to them they choose not to receive. It is not in the
format they expect and so they block the truth and light in answer
to their request. Pray for their needs. I love My people. I desire to
unite with them more intimately; and yet, I wait for them. I will
wait and continue to wait for them because of My great love for
them. Simplicity of life and My will for you reside in the silence
Of your heart! Seek me there and you shall find Me and your joy.
Peace to you, little one. My blessings and love. AD DEUM.”