Dear Children of Humanity,

I am God, your Father of Love and Mercy! I tend to your souls. As your Creator, I give to you all things that are good, just as I have given before to your first parents, Adam and Eve. I have continued to be merciful through the Death and Resurrection of My Son.

How pleased I am that you come to Him, and through Him you come to Me! The sinless Virgin only directs the Way. She purifies and cleanses you, as a Mother makes ready her children for a most glorious event. I have waited and longed for you, children of humanity, to draw close to Me and to reap the tremendous gifts and fruits of my Most Merciful Love.

Throughout the generations and ages, time and time again, My most awesome Hand has had to purify you because of your lack of attention. How easily you became preoccupied and swayed away from My Word; but through My Merciful Love, I brought you back. Is it not the same today? Is it not now like it was back in the ages of Babylon, with the fighting between sons of Ishmael and Isaac? The division is tremendous, but My Love is Awesome and has been procured for all the people in the world.

You, children of Abraham, be not foolish! Do you not see the Truth of your God at hand? Evil begets evil, and Love conquers all! No treaty or bartering tool can ever be exchanged for my Most Merciful Love, which will bring you all together to the One True God. There is no victory in death caused by human hands. The only victory in death is that which rests in the Triune God!

Peace to you. Children, come! Come to rest in True Peace!