My dear little one, praise be Jesus!

Throughout the ages, there have been countless people, queens, kings, priests, saints and even popes and clergy that have made huge mistakes wrong-judgements and errors in making decisions. Personal interior confusion, sorrow and uncertainty arises after the person realizes his/her mistakes and then has recourse to God by turning to prayer. The endpoint and resolution often times comes out more successful and positive than the original effect from the mistake. This is because God, the Father is a Merciful God, who loves the world so much, that he gave his only Son to die for you. When He witnesses, His children crying for help, repenting from their poor choices and sins he resurrects them to join the angels and saints along with intercestial songs and praise.

God the Father, from the beginning of time, hand selected chosen ones prior to my Son’s birth and after. There are many chosen souls with different missions all to join together for one great glorious day when the Son of God returns again.

If you are uncertain or have sentiments of insecurity or fear of where you belong, what you should do, where you should go, then continue to pray to God the Father. Have recourse to Him and He will not only give you the answer in due time, but will comfort you. He will give you what you need. You will experience His omnipotent peace and you will be able to praise Him forever.

SO be at peace. Be you and love yourself. Not everyone will like your personality or agree with your views. Be happy, kind, cheerful and just take simple steps daily. Continue to move ahead daily as well. Keep moving forward. Keep praying with all of your heart. You are not alone. Everyone makes mistakes. It is how you see them, repair them the best you can, pray to God the Father, and repent.

Be loving and kind. That is all you are required to do as children of God.

I love you and I will never leave you. You are safe. Your destiny with be outlined to you.

Peace to you.

Ad Deum
(I am sharing this message because I believe so many people have sentiments like this or circumstances as well. It
is my hope it helps others to continue to pray and be optimistic and positive)