My dear little one, praised be Jesus!

The best gift you can give to my Son starting this new year, is TRUST. It wounds Him when His children do not believe or Trust Him. There are so many people today that are preoccupied with many distractions and self-desires. Take time to listen, to be and to rest in My Son. He dwells within your Heart and is waiting for you to gaze in wonder on His Love and Omnipotence. Take time to pray and to talk to Him, just like you would talk to your best friend. He is your strength and protection. He can solve any situation and enlighten you with the Wisdom of Truth. These are the charisms you need for the future. Love, Wisdom, Faith, Perseverance, Fortitude, Courage, Trust, Hope, Patience and Joy.

People are running and trying to figure out the future. They are scrambling for knowledge, and it is time to stop and pray, rest in My Son and Praise Him. There, in the core of your heart, will you find all the answers to your questions and a map to follow for your life.
Be kind, little ones. Kindness dries many tears and relieves many fears.

I bless you with the omnipotent Blessing of My Son as the Child Jesus. He always comes to people filled with His Joy.

Peace to you and thank you for responding to my call.

Ad Deum