My dear little one,

Praised be Jesus! I love you with a motherly heart to help prepare you for great works My Son has planned for you to help this current age in this world. You are protected and safe. The evil one wants you to feel unsafe and to be fearful.

I tend to you in teaching you how to use the gifts that you have been given, and how to manage people soon. This chaotic world is because of the lack of self-love and hatred. Love is beauty. Those who love are free.

As you know, the world will see devastation, but you are soon to be unveiled to fulfill God’s Divine Plan to save, restore, protect and to renew joy, hope, and beauty within God’s people.

God the Father has given you the gifts needed for transformation in the world which is soon to come. Continue forward. Be happy and do not try to figure out the future. Look forward to the works My Son has for you. Have filial confidence and happiness, always observing the Wisdom gained and utilizing it when necessary.

Focus on what you have. Nourish it. Look at what you have and celebrate the abundance of life! I want you to be at peace within, as I desire all my children to be at peace within.

I love you and I am with you.