Rosary of Glory

Little children, praise be Jesus!

I am your Lady of Emmitsburg, and I wish to be called “Our Lady of Emmitsburg – Our Lady of Joy,” to link where my appearances first began [Scottsdale, AZ] to where they are now.

Many scattered in the West, and many scattered in the East. But now here at the Center of my Immaculate Heart, I am here to stay to help all peoples of all races and of all beliefs to know that they are loved, and that God cherishes them at every moment of their lives, whether they cherish God or not.

My dear children, when you pray this special prayer I taught my daughter, the Rosary of Glory, remember that it is a special prayer. In this prayer I am allowed to join you in praying to God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit. So, pray it slowly. Every prayer is different from the next.

I would ask you, my children, to see that prayer is not just a recitation, but a prayer from the heart. One prayer, one ejaculation, one psalm, one word can raise you and elevate you to a level that God desires, which could eliminate and dissipate all your wonders and questions and fears. The Holy Spirit is powerful!

God of course blesses this most beautiful statue made by human hands, so that all will be reminded when they look at it that Jesus the Child Who was crucified becomes Flesh for you (in the Eucharist) to bring you everlasting life. From the Wood of the Cradle, He becomes your salvation through His Crucifixion on the Wood of the Cross. There the Two Hearts bond and are pierced—not one, then the other—but one through the other, so that when your hearts are in pain, it goes from my Son’s Heart through me to you; and that pain will go through you to another, and from another person to yet another, and the world will be saved.

My Son spoke in parables, and it took many years to understand what He said. Yet even today it is hard to understand what He means or the timing of what was said because God is so merciful that there is no set time, for there is no time in the creation of the world.

Does that mean you should not be prepared or pay attention? It takes years and years—more than what you can even imagine—for people to embrace change. Through the grace of God and through the Holy Spirit, those who have been called to be ambassadors and to lead as pillars of Light have been enlightened to know; but in your daily lives, you see over and over the same scenario: one day people like you, the next day they don’t; one day they want to see and hear what you have, and then they run to see and hear what someone else has.

Faith is within your heart! If you truly believe, that is all you need. Regardless of my presence or not, God is the Truth! He is the Alpha, the Omega, the end, and the beginning; and a new world is beginning. The end is coming, not from God but through free will and division. Then God will come through His Justice and Mercy to save those who have faith and to restore a world, a cosmos of Love.

Feel free and begin, children. Do not be afraid! Celebrate, and let us all begin to give God the glory! Let the world and the Church know “I am here with my Son,” and this beautiful statue is a remembrance of His one salvific act through the purity and most gentle “fiat” of Life. Peace. Thank you for responding and for your love. United to you, always, wherever you go, I am with you.