My dear little one,

Praised be Jesus! Little one, you are doing very well and your efforts are all good. So many of my children need affirmation and to know how well they are doing too, so they will continue to give with all of their hearts to their daily commitments. Never allow your heart to drift away from my Son. He is your Hope and Security for the future.

I know there are many people all over the world who are wondering and preparing for the worst of events to unfold. Many are frightened and wondering what to do or how to prepare for the future. Remember there are many mystics who have outlined necessities if anything is to unfold soon. However, no one knows the exact date or time. Only God the Father knows. People have free will, and if they see there is injustice or communism and socialism rising where their freedom would be restricted, they may refuse and fight back. Satan would like all peoples of the world and universe to cease to exist in a world of God’s Love, and bow to him [instead]. It may seem that evil is overpowering the world but in the end, My Immaculate Heart will Triumph, and My Son, your Savior Jesus, will Reign FOREVER.

You will be led where to be, and I will hide you and protect you. Keep vigilant and continue to pray with all your heart. My Son hears your prayers and sees how sorrowful you are for your sins. He receives your tears as a balm for His Broken Heart from those who have removed prayers and their acknowledgement of God.

Never, never give up. When My Son has lit the flame in your heart, you cannot go far before He will bring you back. Your prayers of repentance and the changes you are trying to make in your life to reflect His life, is like a beautiful stream amongst Spring flowers.

Know how much I love you. Continue to help all those in need and who search for your assistance. I am with you, and you are safe.

Be at peace. You may be imperfect, but as you weather the storm, your imperfections will turn to seeds of Love; God’s Love. Be kind to yourself and do not focus on self-pity but on God’s Justice and Merciful Love. God can make anything new at any time.

In God’s time, you will be made perfect. Receive the Holy Spirit and know that St. Joseph, terror of demons, is guiding you personally and watching over you. God’s Love is with you!

Ad Deum.